#HotTopic:Making The Best Of Your Love Life Through Character

     It is realistic to say that more than an average number of relationships are broken up by ill-characters not because there is no love but because love is an entity MAJORLY influenced by character,DEMONSTRATED by the degree of moral strength a person possesses.
     Wonder why people in love or married can eventually break up and also wonder why people in love or married can stay happy or married it all depends on a strong force called character. Alot of people claim to be in love but lacks the character to demonstrate it…but where is the love without character?what is love without character?nothing but a passive feeling! Couples in love can only make each other happy if their characters are healthy and positive,it is only a partner of positive character that can demonstrate his or her love through giving,sacrifice, forgiveness,faithfulness, respect,patience,endurance,meekness,gentleness,honesty..etc. Don’t ever expect any of the afore mentioned virtues or gestures from someone who loves without character which is simply because you cannot give what you don’t have!
     Before you approve of any relationship make sure you can convincingly approve their character. Readers,love is a beautiful thing that is meant to blossom but can only glow with character. The amount of bliss you can enjoy in your relationship depends on the level of character you can give and receive in that relationship. Whatever status you hold(single,searching,married)fix your character!
     It is wrong to experience that the best you only get from your partner is just the profession or knowledge of his or her love for you but the TRUTH is the best you can get from your partner is a love DELIVERED with CHARACTER. If you must make a change in your love life that change can only occur in your character,love with character is FULFILLMENT. Ill-character is a DISGRACE to love therefore, fix your character and your relationship life with your partner is fixed. Character is the BEAUTY of love.

ATTENTION: We are speaking to both parties involved in a relationship,what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,you are not an exception. Give what you want in return
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