Never see your wife as an outsider when your mother is involved,she is your wife and also playing the role of a mother to your kids just as your mother so respect her and appreciate her to the core-TKGOLD


Be careful with a partner who claims there is nothing wrong in giving the opposite sex endearing pet names…He/She just might be cheating #ScamAlert

#HotTopic:Making It Work

Some of us are wondering how can we make our relationship,marriage work seeing the rate of break up and divorce or some of you are at the verge of loosing your dear relationship but the goodnews is we got certified means of making your relationship or marriage work. First of all BUILD your character as it is a weapon to combat any misbehaviour that could lead to seperation or break up. The essence of a good character cannot be overemphasized being that it plays a pivotal role in any relationship success. Characters such as honesty,loyalty,kindness and forgiveness help to prevent the evilness of cheating,betrayal and lies,only a positive character can fight this marital menace of deception to the core,incase you don’t have them do yourself and the relationship or marriage the favour of building them inside of you. Character building or adjustment is necessary so as to accomodate your partner into your life cause it’s no longer a journey of one but two different individuals coming together. Be more like a gentleman, be more like a lady. Next point is UNDERSTANDING,the place of understanding is the place of REALIZATION! You gotta be able to put yourself in your partner’s shoe before any judgement try to comprehend the reasons for their actions. Misunderstanding is a very big issue that is likely to sprout unnecessary fight,hatred,break up,separation and divorce. Get to the root of the matter before you make any decision. Many couples have separated based on lies and deceptions created by outsiders or what the situation seemed like cause they were impatient enough to understand what the situation was all about. Don’t throw yourself into a life of regret and bitterness because you couldn’t relax enough to have understood your partner. Giving is also imperative in making any relationship worth it to work.No love expreses itself without giving,the act of giving brings to constant reminder a feeling of loving and being loved,you must not at any point stop giving. Reconciliation is another thing that makes a relationship work. Partners must be willing to come together and make their relationship work if they are both still interested in making it work.Reconcilation is impossible without forgiveness,there is no moving forward without forgiveness therefore to make that relationship work you gotta be able to forgive. Forgiveness is a very necessary demonstration cause no relationship is truly without flaws and offence. Forgiveness should never be abused but rather “appreciated with remorse and true repentance”.Furthermore,you can make it work by practically putting each other first. Don’t let your relationship be about the contest for power or control. Always be ready to let your spouse rule your world,consider his/her feelings in every action and decisions you make,don’t put ANY THIRD PARTY FIRST BUT YOUR SPOUSE!You must BOTH create a territory that belongs to just the two of you meaning you both must make conscious effort of not letting each other down,disregarding your relationship,being flirtatious and cheating. Don’t cheat keep to your partner 100% it’s possible unless if you ain’t truly in love. Next is the act of CARING must people forget to be caring in a relationship. Sometimes we mistake the act of giving or provision for caring but every giving must be backed with love and care,show that you are naturally concerned about your spouse,don’t hide it demonstrate it. The feeling of being cared for can sweep anybody off their feet. If you are good at caring for your partner it’s gonna be hard for a breakup to ensue so if you dont know how to care learn how to care. Making it work also includes breaking the barrier of privacy cause in truth there ain’t no such thing as privacy in a relationship/marriage,stop hiding things from your partner,show your partner that you are one let yourself free I mean you are more than collegues you are partners and should therfore know each other more than anyone does.Let your partner know you as much as you know yourself. Second to the last point is fight for your relationship/marriage if you never did then you ain’t in love or your pride is getting in the way however,this is not to be confused as forcing yourself on your partner.Relationship don’t work by magic they are fought for fight before you give up or let go. You can do this by either a thorough explanation or you can even go an extra mile to prove your truth e.t.c Lastly commit your relationship/marriage into the higher hands pray and bless your relationship constantly. When you both practise these there is no stopping the relationship/marriage…….SEE YOU LATER

#HotTopic:Before Saying I Do

Marriage isn’t a union to go into cause you just found someone you are in love with or can gain something from,marriage is about so many things so before you go for it there are certain things you must know.Before saying I Do you should ask yourself is marriage for me?this question you can answer by understanding the real concept of marriage. Knowledge they say is power,the knowledge of what you are about getting into is important so as to know if indeed it’s made for you. Not every person has a place in an ideal marriage cause not everyone has what it takes. One must know that the ingredients for a successful marriage are love,companionship,patience,faithfulness,loyalty,understanding,responsibility,maturity and financial stability(to say the least),these ingredients are what come together to face and overcome any obstacle.For instance when your partner loses his job or can’t bear a child what must be put in place at this time is understanding,encouragement,patience and support and not DIVORCE,the truth is you gotta be patient and be able to handle these pressures well enough. Your attitude towards your marriage is what makes it work and not just an expectation that it’s always gonna be fine cause we love each other,since marriage itself ain’t a bed of roses but a journey full of its own moments and how u handle these moments is what makes it work,therefore get the knowledge and be prepared for it and of course go for it if you believe and you’re sure it’s for you. Secondly,Before saying I do You must “be sure of whom” you are about to say I Do to,you’re the one going into the marriage therefore, be the one to answer to everyone and not the other way round,don’t go seeking confirmations and answers from your family,pastor,and friends first, you must be the first person to know that he/she is the right one for you,after this personal level of conviction you can now ask others even your spiritual Father for anymore assurance,in other words don’t commit the responsibility of “knowing” if he/she is meant for you or not into another man’s hand,it’s your duty so be up to it!If you are at peace with your decision that is another sure way to know if you both were meant to be together. Do you see yourself storming the weather with him or her?do you see yourself being faithful,do you feel happy thinking about you two being together,sharing intimacy,you don’t feel embarrassed nor disgusted about your partner,if you cant picture it you can’t feature in it. Your certainty can come from how far you can envision yourself with him or her. The Love factor should also be the basis of your relationship and eventually the desire to spend the rest of your lives with each other. Pressure, self interest,coverup,deceit,manipulation,blackmail,lack of options,and competition should not push you to say I Do! Go into it for the right reasons and not because you feel its a dream to fulfil but rather with the certainty that marriage is meant for you. Compatibility is another thing to know before you say I Do Love ain’t always enough you must be awre that you are compatible, do you have the same mindset,orientation, do you share the same objectives?be sure about all these. Compatibility is a very big deal in any relationship and marriage.Make sure you fit each other,if you don’t there is no point going ahead otherwise it’s gonna be a world of perpetual conflict and discomfort. Love cannot survive in an atmosphere of constant disagreement cause at the end you are left drained and when it’s taking too much of your energy you will eventually let it go so if that person is for you not only will you love him/her but he/she will also love you and be compatible(perfect match)with you! Conclusively, none of these factors work alone but must come together to make an entity.


Our couple of the week goes to Jada and Will Smith. We believe they absolutely deserve it coming thus far for the past at least 18 years…They are blessed with two vibrant kids. They believe that the secret of marriage is not just quitting,they also added that the key to their successful marriage is the fact that they worked on theirselves individually and presenting theirselves to one another better than before.


Our Love song of the weekend is by Nigerian female artiste simi,she sings about unconditional love and love being no respecter of status,position,tribe and the likes and we at lovelife thinks that’s what true love should be like. “Love Don’t Care” by SIMI!Check it out.


The only language any marriage or relationship understands is the Love language;not your ego,pride,absurd culture and traditions.


Never build fear and low self esteem in your partner. Don’t call her ugly,don’t tell him he aint nothing.Never degrade your partner. Deal with your insecurities without trying to bring others down.