#HotTopic;Essence Of Learning To Love Yourself

The beauty of self love cannot be over emphasized,it is realistic that we wanna feel complete and wanna know that we are good enough but the truth is every human on earth deals with personal insecurities!Why?because no human was born perfect. You must be aware of your inner beauty in order to have some healthy sense of pride and self worth. This brings us to our hot topic of the day “The Essence Of Learning To Love Yourself” First off you can only exhibit the very best of yourself when you’ve master the act of self love,self despise or condemnation does nothing but hold you back from being yourself and exhibiting your full capabilities, it holds you back from smiling cause you think you look ugly when you smile,it holds you back from singing cause you think Beyonce sure sounds better,and even worse it holds you back from achieving your dreams cause you think you are not the best at what you do,in life it’s not about who has the best ability but insead those who did something with what they’ve got!You gotta believe in yourself and if you must do that you’ll have to love yourself first…through believe we can be the best we wanna be and live our lives to the best of our capabilities but all these and much more can only happen when you first learn to love yourself! It’s never enough to be loved by someone, you must love yourself regardless of the love shown you or denied you,only by that would you be able to command the partner of your dream and not make do with a lowlife cause you think you aint better off,only by that would you break out of your shell and let the whole world feel your essence,giving yourself the chance to find a real lover,only by that are you irreplaceable! There’s no other way this is the only way you can say no to an abusive relationship,sad to say but most abused partners are of the opinion that they aint better off their abusers so they withstand all of that and some to the point of death.One detrimental factor of self despise is that it leads you to totally depend on your partner for love and approval by so doing there’s no way abuse is evitable especially if you have a scumbag as a partner. So for your own good begin to see the beauty that you possess and build your confidence to a healthy level otherwise you fall into the wrong hands. Low self esteem and self insecurities pose threats of distrust,unhappiness in any relationship not because there are reasons to be insecure or unhappy but because an overly self conscious partner raises their flaws above their beauty and as such are in competition with just anybody and everybody.Dont let insecurities deny you the joy of a peaceful and blissful relationship or marriage,you deserve to be happy and to be at peace not because you are perfect but because you’ve learnt to love yourself anyways.Confidence is what you should seek and build not perfection,nobody can be perfect cause we weren’t born so but any one of us can accentuate our beauty more than the other person,find out what’s best for you,do what you know,be original,originality sells in any part of the world ever wonder why songs about true stories make hit! Whitney Houston once sang that the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself and I definitely belief this cause it takes you to matter in this life and to make it in anything you do in life. After any dissapointment or heartbreak the only way you can rebuild yourself is by finding your “strength in self love”loving someone can bring you to a lonely place but not loving yourself it only brings you to a healthy and safe place. Make your life has beautiful as you can,love your self truly,raise your abilities and beauty above your flaws by so doing live a healthy prolonged life,find a worthy partner cause you deserve it…Hastamanana