#HotTopic; Am I In The Wrong Relationship???

A relationship involves two lovers who are primarily committed to loving,caring for each other and making the best of theirselves however most people are in a relationship void of the primary necessities. So for this reason we here at LoveLife With TKGOLD have come up with genuine reasons to let you know if you are in the wrong kinda relationship and the need to do the needful now that it’s not so damaging. Take note that none of these reasons are arranged in respect of importance,what matters mostly is finding if any of these traits is in your relationship.

1.)Your boyfriend or girlfriend is everybody’s property:Have you ever being in that relationship(or you still are)where your feelings are the last most important thing to your partner?reason being that he or she has prioritized himself or herself over you in terms of what they do from publicly flirting,cheating to making really important decisions. Their family will always come first,their friends will always come first,on the basis that they have always being there before you and will always be there in fact that singular reason shows that your relationship holds no future cause if it does they will know they are starting a family with you. Seeing that you have no exclusive right to your partner is a really huge sign that you are in a wrong relationship and the needful for you to do here is to walk away.
2.)Another sign to look out for is whether your partner appreciates your intellectual prowess,this is quite important because if they can’t see you capable of being listened to or adhered to your opinions will always be overlooked,so right here you can advise yourself on what to do whether to be more intellectual if you really ain’t that deep or you walk away cause your opinions really don’t matter.
3.)Your partner doesn’t introduce you to the people who matter:alot of phony partners are fond of this cause they always have something to hide and their intentions are not pure not to talk of all the truth they are hiding.
4.)If your partner can’t trust you:If they can’t trust you there’s really no point staying in that relationship unless you wanna argue all your life or you wanna always have to explain why you went over there without asking them to tag along. Trust is absolutely a big deal do not overlook it because some degree of love exits.
5.)A wrong relationship is also characterised by incessant on and offs,just because somebody is always calling it off and then calling it on doesn’t mean they love you as a matter of fact you two are really struggling to make it work most times in this case its just one out of the partners who is really respecting the relationship and tryna make it work. If you truly love someone you don’t wanna let it go and even when they are gone you know fate would bring you back if it’s meant to be not the attitude of on and off
6.)If your partner finds it really hard to forgive your mistakes that’s indeed not a love kinda relationship,it’s an idealistic relationship which of course will lead no where cause it takes too much energy to keep up with.
7.)Your partner should understand you the most,if they don’t they are not eligible for the forever journey,if they can’t tell why you do the things that you do they are not for you really. Not to forget that communication is really essential for this kind of relationship to be established,if you two can’t really talk to the extent that keeping silence inside the room with just you two is just fine inside then it’s no good relationship.
8.)Lack of Common Ground: a core sign of a wrong relationship is the conflict of interests and incompatibility issues. Your basic likes and dislikes must agree with your partner,your goal to be successful and being future oriented should be as your partner otherwise it’s a complete waste of time,you don’t wanna spend your time on silly arguments not to talk of explaining why you wanna invest rather than buying the designers right now.
9.)Inability to be humble: a relationship is extremely wrong when any of the partners have a problem with being humble. When it’s hard to say sorry,please and thank you to your partner a huge crack on the wall for frustration sets in. Your love for your partner should also transform to your humility before them. Accept it when you are wrong,ask when you want,give when they do not even ask be pleasant and be humble. This is really necessary to ensure comfort.
10.)If your partner ain’t pushing you to be a better person nor supporting you honestly we don’t know why you are in that relationship. Any relationship that is not making you a better person is not a relationship for you, a lot of suicides, depression, abortion, bankruptcy and murder to mention a few would be averted if we surround ourselves or be in a relationship with the right people.
11.)Opportunistic behaviour: If all they do is use you,then move on with your life. If you are solely responsible for everything good in the relationship then it’s time to make a U turn,remember relationship/marriage is a journey and effort of TWO individuals not ONE.
12.)Lack of Care & Respect: Is your partner in the habit of “I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE or DO IT YOURSELF ATTITUDE???towards you if yes then you are in the wrong relationship, love is characterized by the constant habit of care TILL ETERNITY so if you can’t find that caring attitude from your partner it’s safe to conclude that they shouldn’t be in your life cause believe you me when they eventually find the right person they will be moved to be caring or are you gonna tell us they don’t care about other things in their lives???
     Respect is one of the fore runners in a relationship/marriage if it must succeed. If he/she shows no courtesy to you why then are you in the relationship? because disrespect is the basis of most “sins”that exist in marriages today.
13.)Lack of Character: Being virtuous is a necessity of any relationship. Virtues are the core ingredients that makes a relationship blissful. Attitude makes 100%. The Lack of character can mar any relationship at all.   
     Abuse is inevitable in a wrong relationship because either of the two partners never appreciates the beauty of the relationship that is why it is important for you to be where you are suppose to be,in life we need each other to carry on and to be the best we can be its alot easier that way and all of these you should find in a partner you would wanna get married to someday. A word is enough for the wise!
     Chao see y’all next time and do not forget to drop your comments to tell us what you think.They are appreciated.


If anything else but love is keeping you in your relationship or marriage you are indeed a joke of a couple. In other word if by any means,the reasons why you are in your relationship is something contrary to love then you are only putting up a facade! Real couples are bonded by LOVE!

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Beyonce and Jay Z!

Lovelife With TKGOLD’s couple of the week is the sensational and classy couple Beyonce and Jay Z(Bell rings!)This couple deserves all the standing ovation they could get it’s been 9 years and still counting especially in a world of stardom where True love or should we say marriage contract can hardly last over five years. We are also celebrating their maturity in all these years they have being married. Let’s not forget,the ability to keep all the dramas that may have occurred off social media is actually very commendable, thumps up to Jay and Bey.
     Beyonce and Jay Z are blessed with Blue Ivy and expactant of twins(sex unknown)We wish the two Icons long life and prosperity in their Union of forever.


Interesting question for lovers out there…Can u cover up for the crime of your spouse…YES/NO???

#CupidSongOfTheWeek:Brown Eyes!

It’s the super song of the week and the lucky song is BROWN EYES by Beyonce during her days in Destiny’s Child. The song talks about true love and the reasons we can believe a person loves us like through the look in their eyes,through the words they say”I love you”and through the feelings they show us….In this case the lyricist believes that the  statement I LOVE YOU should only be confessed when it is TRUE so that’s why she could believe that he loves her simply because he told her so!…We from Lovelife With TKGOLD are asking,when he/she smiles at you does his/her eyes tell you so,does it tell you I LOVE YOU???


The promise of marriage or a proposal shouldn’t propel you to say “I Do” the ultimate should be his/her ability in making you Happy in the real sense and giving you peace as well.


We got two eye openers for y’all on this column(lucky day)
1.)Respect for marital vows is the GOAL of any marriage. No poverty,no lack should ever lead you astray,temptation is definitely part of life.
2.)What you do or don’t do will not guarantee your partner’s faithfulness their CHARACTER will. Regardless be the best you can be to them,give the best you can give to them and you will be the best they ever had.


Check this out,once you find yourself constantly chasing after someone you are in a supposed relationship with then you must be a JOKE OF A COUPLE. Relationship/Marriage should be walked by TWO individuals not ONE!

#HotTopic:The Language Of Appreciation

Gratitude is a virtue we all can build and this article centres on adding gratitude or appreciation to our relationship/marriage. Let’s not get so used to the goodness of our partners or the things we enjoy so much in our relationships to the level we don’t regard them anymore. The act of kindness is valuable and it’s our duty to place some worth on that value. Appreciation goes a long way to encourage our partners to give us their best and try to do better than before.
Things That Are Not To Be Taken For Granted But Rather Completely Appreciated In A Relationship/Marriage Are: Love, forgiveness, tolerance, availability, support, friendship, care, positive character, giving, tenderness, sacrifices, understanding, endurance, loyalty, trust, faithful, celibacy, encouragement,belief he/she has in you and compliments. All of the aforementioned shouldn’t be taken for granted as a matter of fact it should be celebrated because if we take out any of these acts away from our relationship/marriage their absence will surely be felt and longed for. Let’s not be the type that must loose something we have before we could appreciate it,that really speak a lot of who we are. If we can be sensitive we will see the need to be appreciative.
Some Clues On How We Can Show Our Appreciation Includes:
Going on dates,as little as sending a simple text marriage that depicts love and gratitude,spending quality time together,outing perhaps a shopping spree,spending some cash on him/her,a little kiss or hug,planning a pleasant surprise,an unusual treat, compliments, vacation,weekend getaway,writing a letter(good old days) and every other good thing you can possibly think of. Love that is real must be appreciated. Don’t undermine nor overlook any good thing in your relationship because what you overlook is what another is wishing for.
     Your partner does not need to be perfect to be appreciated,appreciate the little things they do to make your relationship or marriage worthwhile and you will see they would only strive to be better. An attitude of gratitude is a great encouragement to get the things you only dream to have from your partner,do not waste any time to let them know that they are truly appreciated and their little kindness and deeds are treasured. Don’t act like it’s your right to get all that you receive from them on a platter of gold even if it is,it all depends on their will to let you have them,and as long as they let you have them there must be a show of gratitude. Without appreciation the feeling of worthlessness and being used or abused will always abound. Be grateful do not abuse anyone’s kindness or selflessness. Rather than nagging cultivate a good habit of appreciating your partner.
     Do you know you can make your partner’s dream come true as a way of showing your gratitude?It can be any dream maybe it’s a movie they would like to see,or a career they would wanna pursue you can make that come true or by supporting them and giving them your blessings.
     Appreciative words shouldn’t be an off limit. Le’s learn to say thank you,I love you,you are simply the best,irreplaceable,God bless you,No one like you,you are special,you mean the world to me,You have a beautiful soul,You are unbelievable,You make me smile,You are the reason i’m happy,Best lady in the world,Best man in the world,Take it from me you can’t go wrong in my eyes. When we use this words in our relationship often than not we will see that our bliss will always and always be there.
     Lastly,our relationship/marriage will be brighter if we learn to show gratitude. The act of constantly appreciating ourselves will make us feel there is no negativity or sorrow in our relationship in other words we will feel the bliss than the shortcomings. If you really care enough about anything you have received in your relationship/marriage give it a room to be APPRECIATED!!!