Our couple of the week is in fact the Hollywood sensational actor Morris Chestnut and beautiful wife Pam chestnut. These two can be termed as classic couple since their marriage has gone beyond the norms of the frivolous Hollywood standard of marriage,it’s been 22years and yet counting. The union is blessed with a boy and a girl….Shout out to all the gentlemen strong enough to stay true to their marriage and a bigger one to all the women wise enough to run their home!Marrying the right partner is an everlasting journey,marrying the wrong partner eventually leads to separate roads!

#HotTopic: Get To Know Why You Shouldn’t Involve Pornography In Your Dear Marriage!

Pornography is the cheapest thing in the market right now because it’s everywhere,all you gotta do is just find your way to it just by a click it’s that simple. It’s cheap because it’s simply worthless more reason you shouldn’t let it meddle into your marriage cause its worthlessness is infectious.
     LLWTKG will let you know why you should abstain from vices such as this for the sake of your marriage.
1)Your Marriage Is Sacred : pornography is a lot of dirt and anyone who comes in contact with it gets stained, your marriage should be guarded in all purity cause it’s stain are quite difficult to cleanse.
2)It is Controlling: after getting involved and locked down into this habit it controls your mind,you can’t see humans as humans anymore, you do not appreciate the realness of an individual you get clouded by the idea of sex whenever you see a new person, you imagine how things can be like with them,how their bodies can suit what you’ve seen,it’s better to relinquish from this menace cause it’s cure is not an easy one,imagine how many people you would sexualize while being married that’s the worst form of cheating. Please stay clear off this.
2)Masturbation:pornography of course leads to masturbation and masturbation leads to loneliness meaning you cut off sexual and mental ties with your partner because you are very well engaged in this marital menace, it takes away a core part of your marriage which is your sexual life with your partner,sex is a medium of expressing your love to your partner and if you don’t do that anymore,how can they feel loved? Solitude has no place in marriage, togetherness,intimacy are the verbs.
3)Loneliness: Most people who are into this disgusting act do not know how to cherish quality moments with their partners anymore,they suddenly loose touch with reality, they can’t communicate their feelings anymore and are not even willing to,this isn’t normal help must be gotten otherwise you gonna be a loner all your life cause no one would stay imprisoned with you in the name of marriage.
4)Cheating:cheating is an emotional abuse on your partner,which is also an outcome of pornography this is needless to say, because you must practice what you have watched by all means. The eyes are windows to our hearts we must guard it with all diligence otherwise we would be enslaved to those things we let inside of us that we eventually can’t control.
5)Outrageous Sexual Desires:you start demanding ridiculous sexual activities from your partner if at all you are still interested in them sexually,you wanna do threesome, you want it in their anus,how sad!you don’t care anymore about the health implications,not about your marital vows either because you are a slave to your sex master now. Pornography is a great way for the marital devil to invade your marriage,be wise!
6)Unproductivity: is an addict ever productive?porn addicts ain’t an exception. You spend most of your time watching this even worse you do it religiously,it is one of the most manipulative and controlling addiction ever. If you must enjoy any success pornography isn’t the way to go.
7)Sexual Misbehaviour: most rapists have being filled with so much sexual ideas they can grab anyone to help fulfill their desires, pornography sure helps fuel this hyper sexual lifestyle, patronizing prostitutes ain’t such a big deal as nothing is too much to quench such sexual addiction. Child molestation and other sexual immoralities can also spring from this.
8)Diseases: yes, after all has been done you get what you asked for,disease sure is one of them,which in turn leads to your financial losses and stagnancy.
     To help your partner get out of this captivity, or just so you feel better don’t think watching pornography with them will help curtail the effects on your marriage,no it won’t, the only thing to do is seek help,go for rehabilitation, tell your partner all that your marriage is missing as a result of this addiction, persuade them to help save the marriage if you must continue with it. We honestly hope they listen and give back the honour and love due to your marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it does takes your work,don’t give up,love is patient and persevering, now is the time to use that virtue. God help you.
And to those who ain’t involved stay off, addiction isn’t an easy battle to win.

#TKGOLD’sExtra: Habits You Shouldn’t Practice In Your Marriage

1)Drinking and drug addiction: so many drug addicts and drunkards have helped destroy their homes and relationships,these set of people usually make their homes unbearable by constant abuse and crazy mood swings they demonstrate,no one really knows what to expect from them,their spouse and family live in the fear of them. A home of drunkards and drug addicts isn’t welcoming at all,a lot of marriages have been brought down by this reckless behaviour since no person can stand the craziness and bear the heavy burden of living with this kinda people,not only are they abusive they are perpetually irresponsible and wasteful. Do all you can to stay away from this bothersome habit if you want to build a  peaceful and fruitful home. Don’t do drugs and excessive alcohol. Otherwise you will NOT LIVE!!!

2)Financial brouhaha:this includes stealing from your partner,or hiding your money from them since you don’t want them to know you have money to be spent,another scenario is when you avoid contributing financially to the wellbeing of the family you both started. This is one of the fastest ways to bring distrust and frustration into your marriage, money is an everyday thing so if you love your peace of mind be transparent to your partner. And to those in habits of demanding outrageous money from their spouse you should stop already,do not frustrate them into stealing or fraudulence be wise and reasonable, accept your partner for who they are and cut your coats according to your size(or Cut your coat according to your cloth so I heard) to avoid being in debt.

3)Late Nights: you don’t have any business staying away from home all day,all night long if its not profitable for your family or consensual,but you do anyways to either spite your partner or cheat on them or just to have some”good time” to yourself,whatever the case maybe late nights is a no, no its totally disrespectful and selfish,your spouse wants you home be there for them. Bring the enjoyment back to your home and stop fooling around,you are married for love sake!Your partner shouldn’t be the sofa waiting for you at home to no avail!

4)Threesome: It might be weird but some couple go into threesome,so you think that can help you stop your partner from cheating? No…that’s the greatest deception ever…Your marriage must be sacred and real,do not because of your partner’s insatiable sexual appetite engage in this sexual immorality,do not be blackmailed or manipulated into it cause at the end you will be causing yourself emotional and psychological traumas. Threesome in marriage is definitely the password for cheating. it’s that easy!
    Look forward to our hot topic on Pornography,which is another bad habit that should be squashed!


You really need to move on if domestic violence is the in thing in your relationship or haven’t you realized that you are supposed to be loved in a relationship and not whooped!


Going back to a decennium ago we picked the song BABY by canadian finest and talented Justin Bieber(TKGOLD’s future bestie),the song talks about a classic love story of first and teenage love, a case of high school sweetheart met highschool heartbreaker. The song was also given a Midas touch by ludacris who brought rhythms and poetry to spice the flavour of this song….There is more to this song than its commercial success it happens to be our cupid song of the week which is a great feat for Justin Bieber…Oh yea!!!


There are no excuses when your partner chooses not to hear from you,he or she didn’t call you not because they were busy but because they do not find it exciting to call you or necessary perhaps,they probably didn’t see you as the peace they long for in the midst of all the hurdles of the day! Be wise by all means anyone in love with you will find a way to contact you!


We should be careful as regards the number of people we wanna date,the reason being,having quite a number of exes lead to paranoia and even worse low self esteem,trust us by the time they are all done dumping their excesses and flaws into your life respectively,your confidence will be in jeopardy! Choose your lover with all diligence and regard for your sanity!


Do not frown against friendship before dating,for it is a great platform for discovery,friendship gives a better picture and knowledge of who we are about to date-TKGOLD


Maybe right now you are playing the role of a desperado,it’s high time you look at yourself and see a new you I mean let the world see a new you.
    Being desperate does no one any good,it does your relationship no good,it does you no good & neither your spouse. The aftermath of being a desperado can be disastrous,you end up with low self esteem,self hatred and irate. Desperation as a kinda sickness also comes with its symptoms just like every other disease. These are some of the common signs that tag along with desperadoes.
    Signs of a desperado includes:
1.) Holding onto a very faulty,draining and abusive relationship it can be emotionally,verbally or physically abusive relationship, if u find yourself in such a relationship you are a desperado.
2.)Struggling ALONE to make the relationship work: right now at this point you are the only one trying to see the good in the relationship,you are the only one doing the forgiveness,trying to keep it and make it lively or desirable. Rather than committing your energy into such a draining activity or work of unnecessary salvation why not try throw that relationship into a trash can,pick yourself up and commit yourself to STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN yes cause it’s worth it and it’s your happiness we’re talking about. A desperado would wanna keep the relationship dead or alive!
3.)Available at all time and anytime to give sex: suddenly, you have become nothing but a last option and sexual object. If he/she needs your help or when ever he/she needs your help that is the moment they remember to call you or keep in touch even worse when they need a “quickie” your name is the only thing ringing on their mind. If all you do is offer sex to him/her while they move on with their life leaving you behind with the guilt of being used,it’s high time you get some dignity cause you are no less than a desperado. Be the lady or gentleman they want not the woman or man they use!
4.)Grovelling and pleading: Have you settled to pleading and crawling to be loved,kissed,hugged or held if that’s the case the desperation is well written all over you. In very few words Move On!
5.)Stalker: You stalk them on instagram,twitter,Facebook and the list goes on. Stop checking those pictures and leaving anonymous comments,stop sliding into their DM,stop calling and flashing unnecessarily. It tints your image and outlook.
6.)Accepting to be insulted,humiliated and maltreated: if you accept all of these it doesn’t make you look like a good lover it only makes you look like trash even worse a pathetic and hopeless sucker for love. Don’t be abused I mean don’t allow yourself be abused all in the name of Love cause Love is pure and beautiful, Love is happiness not pain and heart ache.
7.)Allowing yourself to be a rebound: Yes if you let them use you as a rebound that goes a long way to show how desperate you are to be their partner. Rebound is not something you should settle for,let them genuinely want you and in their right sense, having come to an understanding that you are the one they wanna be with,only on this condition should you allow them be your partner otherwise you are only signing up to be abused and used!
8.)Accepting the idea of Sharing his/her attention and love with someone else: Are you aware that he has a sidechick or she has a side dude and you just wanna be oblivion of the fact that you are an option,don’t choose to be oblivion of that fact it doesn’t make it less painful. Don’t be fooled into believing you are the main chick or the main guy, in a commited relationship what should exist is THE ONE not Main chick/dude or side chick/dude be his/her only one don’t settle for less if you do you are desperate. In worse scenario some partners reluctantly agree in getting involved in threesome just to “keep their man or woman” sorry that ain’t someone to be kept as your lover,as a matter of urgency you need to act fast. Don’t trade your dignity for peanut!
8.)Are you settling for less?: Is he or she not up to your standard,if they don’t match your idiosyncrasy but you just wanna go on with it that’s crazy and inappropriate! Needless to say Do the needful. Break Up! That isn’t harsh,that’s the needful!
9.)Checking your time: No one says you shouldn’t count your age in fact count it so you know you shouldn’t be fooling around with No-good fellows but as you check your time do so in good faith,don’t be one of those who says come January come rain come shine  i’m getting married nope just be prepared,be ready but don’t be desperate.
     How can you be freed from the shackles of desperation???Let it go YES you gotta let him/her go and face the reality,START AFRESH,be determined to make yourself look better,don’t let desperation kill your potentials,what you can offer the world,don’t let it kill your happiness,don’t let it drain your energy….Be the best you can be and that can only happen when you are around the right people,you don’t need a toxic to be the best rather you need to be YOU! BE-YOU-TIFUL!. Do not beg to be loved cause you are simply lovable,love is a natural occurrence, when your love is not reciprocated the only thing you should do is to WAIT and if waiting is draining all of your energy or you feel pained try opening your heart to something else or for someone else. Don’t settle to be a doormat,rag or plan “B” BE THE ONE!A love that is diluted with desperation leads to Disaster!