#TKGOLD’sExtra: Standard!

The standard you set for yourself in a relationship can be likened to a “shoe size”if so be it then every suitor can’t fit into that size which is why you shouldn’t reduce your practical and cognitive standard for anybody, if a suitor  doesn’t fit into that shoe size don’t force him to wear that shoe cause as we all know when the shoe size doesn’t fit it inevitably causes discomfort hence when a person does not meet your requirements for your relationship or marriage don’t force them to wear that shoe,it will only create a big discomfort and when discomfort happens in a relationship or marriage it eventually leads to break up….Let’s not live in denial,Let’s not want it all fast that we will now settle for less JUST WAIT and the right guy will come and fit into that shoe size.
     With love from TKGOLD

#HotTopic: Leadership And Submission In Marriage!

     It’s not just a religious stance that the man has authority over his wife while it’s the duty of the woman to be submissive in the marriage it’s as well a societal stance and general belief(most popular belief as a matter of fact). But before we get to the point of leadership and submission in marriage there are some unnegotiable characteristics that must be demonstrated by the man so that the woman will come under his leadership willingly. Here we go!
1.)A good sense of judgement:if your spouse must come under your leadership it must be that you have a good practical sense of judgement cause if you fail to be a leader with wisdom you will truly and surely drive yourself and the woman to a point of doom. A man has been called by God to be a leader in his marriage but for that to happen he must demand and seek wisdom from God. Take for instance the popular King Solomon who was called to lead,he knew in his heart that for him to succeed he must be wise enough he thereby asked God for wisdom,the kinda wisdom Solomon displayed made his followers to trust and come under his authority,so goes for the man holding the staff of leadership in his home,he must be wise before he asks or expects that a woman comes under his authority at all times. Wisdom should be the first thing you seek before you even think about starting up a family otherwise it will crash. Lack of wisdom has been the principal reason for divorce, spouses have made the wrong decision,handled issues inappropriately because they acted foolishly today they are out of the marriage and only wish they knew what they know now. You don’t have to “experience” marriage twice before you become wise,wisdom is not a matter of experience but knowledge and understanding put together!
2:)Best Intent Of Your Spouse At heart: Yes you are the man,yes you are the husband but the question is do you have the best of intentions towards your wife???Men clamour for submission from their wives but fail to give a healthy judgement, decisions and make profitable demands from their wives. If she must come under your authority she deserves to know with absolute believe that whatever you say,do and ask of her are solely for her benefit and the benefit of the family and nothing else. It’s not surprising to know that some men/husbands are only after stamping the final say in their homes without minding to be considerate on their spouses. She can only entrust you with her life and will if she knows in her heart that you are not a man of double intentions but the man whose heart is pure and filled with love for her. Let your intention towards your wife be peaceful,let it give her the future she yawns for not the one that will eventually break her.
3.)A Man Of Character: As a leader in that marriage it’s a must that you must be of good character. Only positive character will make your spouse submissive. How well do you treat your spouse?Is she like a dirt to you?do you treat her as someone who is not on your level?do you give her the impression that she is here to serve you?when a woman senses that you are literally trying to show and tell her that she is not in any way your match that is when she becomes rebellious to prove it to you that “two can play” cause she’s no fool. So develop a good character that demonstrates love, respect, equity and understanding, if you prove over time that you are a man of character she wouldn’t find it hard to be submissive.
     Leadership and submission isn’t negotiable in marriage it’s necessary for peace,bliss and cohesion and should not be abused but rather respect!
     To wrap it all,your authority as a man in your marriage can be questioned by your wife cause no leader is perfect and all knowing and that is why one quality you must possess as a leader is humility…remember you are both in it to make each other happy, to make it work,it’s you and her against DIVORCE always remember that!


Yet another perfect match made in heaven which in fact founded its way into Nigeria😂,we are celebrating none other than the charismatic music legends Tunde and Wumi Obe,(T.W.O in short…cute!) As JayZ and Beyonce are to America so are Tunde and Wumi to Nigeria. Just two days ago the perfect duo celebrated their 19th year in marriage and 29th years of friendship,in which Tunde had this to say to the love of his life via Twitter :
As we rock & celebrate 29yrs of friendship & 19yrs of marriage, we must first give credit to Baba God for giving us the grace to recognize true love, when we found it, many years ago.. For keeping us in good health, For our beautiful children… For all we’ve been able to achieve.. If I had to do it all again, I’d choose u over & over again,sweetheart!”
And of course Wumi also had this to say:
    “To God Almighty be all the Glory.. 19 years and still counting.. it’s our Anniversary. #TWO
Ace of my heart … I love you today & always”
    What is specially remarkable in their shout outs is their 29th years of friendship,this is a point out to stress the importance of friendship BEFORE marriage and IN marriage,so to every single or married couple out there friendship isn’t a debate it’s a necessity. You wouldn’t call this a facade seeing that despite all the riches they possess none of the T.W.O is clamouring to spend it else where,in the words of Rihanna  Diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m rocking with you in this case without you.
    All the best Tunde and Wumi…looking forward to celebrating you T.W.O on LLWTKG yet again!


The moment you see that a man feels like money is the answer to his problems and shortcomings as a man, be careful cause chauvinism is not far away!


If you do not have the character  it takes to require submission from your wife you can build it…how? By always having your wife in mind. If you had her in mind you will be selfless,if you had her in mind you will make the right choices, and the right decisions.


When I was single I “spoke” like a single, I “thought” as a single and I “understood” as a single but when I became married I “put away” the single lifestyle- TKGOLD


Our cupid song of the week is a great one from Rihanna “Take A Bow”… There’s no better person to inspire you on how to let go of that toxic relationship you have going on than Riri herself considering what she’s being through. 
     Not too long ago she gave a genius advice on how to deal with heart break,for the sake of anyone dealing with that right now we gonna share her words with you:
“Just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself!”Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever! You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime, enjoy all that YOU are!!!!”
    We advice you right now to make use of the words of Riri, tell him or her to take a bow cause the charade is over. It’s time to live the good life has it awaits you!


Our joke of a couple goes out to all the singles who desire to have a partner,but not a bestie,not a friend in that partner. It’s ridiculous but we’ve actually heard a lady say that on TV,such persons only want a partner to drain,a partner to have sex with,a partner to bear their financial burdens and then a bestie who knows all their incriminating dirts and secrets thinking it’s safer with them on the other hand. When you see a prospective partner like this please take to your heels because all they wanna do is get smart with you and then use you until they find another victim. For now you ain’t really a joke of a couple until you step into a relationship with these phonies! LLWTKG warnnnned you…lol


Would you be involved in an intertribal or inter racial marriage???Let us know your reasons.