TKGOLD’sExtra:Sexting In A Relationship/Marriage

Communicating with the opposite sex or whoever in a raunchy way is a serious break of the marital vow, a disrespect and disregard for your spouse and your marriage. It is a very easy way to let an intruder set in,there should be boundaries while chatting with anyone other than your spouse. Using words such as “my love,honey” is  offensive and thought provoking and could be the easiest way for distrust to set in. Such pet names should be exclusive to your partner with whom you are in a relationship with or married to.   Explicit text messages is not allowed with outsiders in a real marriage, most men go ahead chatting with girls they are not married to joking about sleeping with them or even worse raping them,this of course is a signal of their insatiable sexual desires and we do know some women do it too but we advice you do not bring down your own home with your hands.

   Staying faithful to your partner has to do with you physically, and emotionally, you cannot disconnect any of the two,you gotta carry your partner along in every way.

Self control and maturity is the solution to this menace!