#HotTopic:Attracting The Right Attention

If you wanna call for attention then you must do it worthily, we therefore present you the basics to achieve this:

1)Be Knowledgeable: it’s so charming to have this one person who knows a lot about some basic information,I’m not necessarily saying be good in chemistry and further maths even though it is enticing as well but be informed enough to make a lasting impression, “know enough of what you know”be a specialist and be a general as well if you can. This set of people are charming because  they profer knowledge when you are oblivion of facts and are in need of them. Not only are they saviors in the times of naivety but are also hard to find thereby making them a hot cake. So if you want someone to constantly have you in their thoughts and miss you alot just make sure you have a head full of brains!

2)Be full of understanding:you see, not a lot of people know what to say when someone let them know they are  depressed or feeling sad,or don’t know what to do, not alot of people are even able to understand and put themselves in other people’s shoes and judge a matter brought to them correctly therefore adding to the more than enough number of nonchalant, self centered people but for you to make a difference and be catchy you gotta make yourself that one person who listens with empathy,who listens to understand and not to judge,in no time you’ll become the million dollar girl/boy everyone wants to have.
3)Be unpredictable: that is,be full of surprises be more than meets the eye, don’t let someone get in touch with you and just be like “of course I’ve always thought she’s/he’s super boring” Let them go and think about the impression you left them after finding out who you are, after chatting with you..OK?
4)Be A Giver: don’t be that person who can’t give out, who is constantly asking, it’s such a big turn off when you are the type who only asks, you never want to be on the giving end, you are always asking “hey what do you have for me”…I know a lot  of people who do this and I can tell you how unattractive they are and they don’t just know which is even more sad. Always give when you can and you’ll see how much of a difference you would be!
    If your crush ever gets to know you and find out you are this good be sure that you gonna win him or her over!
5.)Respect Yourself:most of the time the person people wanna know isn’t the person who is everywhere,it isn’t the person who laughs at it all,it isn’t the person who takes all the nonsense.. The person who is actually catchy is the one who respects his or herself,it’s that girl or boy who says no to maltreatment and disrespect of their person,that lady,that man who isn’t sassy and disrespectful. Don’t let anyone walk over you just because you wanna keep them and don’t walk over anyone either.
6.)Be Yourself: it’s so important for you to be yourself always,it’s unattractive to do things because others are doing it,learn to be in your own lane and respect your kinda person. Most times we go out of our lane just to please people we end up hurting ourselves not to mention the fact that being a copy cat could also not be the best thing for you. The greatest book says”Come out from amongst them”why should you blend in when you can stand out???…Find out what’s best for you and do it that’s how people will get attracted to you because something different will always be outstanding!
7.)Be Classy:Classy in this sense has to do with both look and character. Your physical outlook can either attract or discard people away from you and not just that,it has a way of bringing some peculiar kinda people to you,for instance as a lady if you look like the cheesy type who are termed as”slay mamas”today the best kinda dudes that will look your way and go as far as asking you out are the ones who literally has nothing to offer other than swags and sex so if you ain’t getting the kinda guys you want kindly change your wardrobe and look more elegant,decent and classy cause that’s the realistical thing to do.
     Now for class to be a top notch you gotta add character to it as we know attitude is what gives us a 100% pass mark,develop a good positive attitude let your aura ooze calmness and peace don’t be the troublemaker,the wet blanket,always be of good cheer,don’t be the type that always listen when it’s good but nowhere to be found when it’s bad,be caring be loving,be exceptional,be someone that makes his/her presence to be felt in an admirable way not the screaming type who brings the roof down,or the one that throws things during an argument,lack of class can deny you admirers as it is a serious turn off which is why some people leave their environment to go out and find a partner cause the people around them seems to be unattractive.
8.)Be Confident: Without confidence it’s as hard as a rock to be attractive. Confidence is so sexy and that’s why if you look around the confident ones have something to their names,they are achiever,they believe in their self, they are their own judge. The confident one walks around with their head high. Be confident!
    Take all of these and make them your embodiments of beauty!