#HotTopic:The Good guys vs The Bad Guys

     Most losers come up with the misguided punchline “girls like bad boys” Nope, girls don’t like bad boys, girls like the “goodness,and the touch of genius”in the seemingly bad boys, and hate the mediocrity in the seemingly good guys, cause the truth is what is good is absolutely enjoyable! And what is mediocre or lukewarm is spat out of the mouth in this case the heart, cause there’s nothing enthusiastic about it. Now see why the good brother in you is loosing to the bad guys!

Firstly most of these players are not dumb they are intelligent perhaps you on the other hand do nothing but talk in a “simple minded” manner. Now don’t be the type that she tells something and your honest reply would be “OK, hmmm” or in severe cases “K”…wake up establish something from whatever she says or at least act accordingly,say something appropriate. We are not saying force the conversation but please do not be in a haste to end it,cause as far as you are concerned she’s too cheesy and you,you are overly righteous and judgemental for such cheesiness but for your information modesty is the key. Whether you like it or not intelligence is super attractive,exude it.

2.)General Outlook: Most brothers have zilch fashion sense we are not asking you to employ the service of a stylist but at least let your outlook be attractive be worth looking at, be neat,wear your size of clothes and stop walking like someone who is less of a prince,thank goodness Joseph had rope of many colors and at the end of the day he became the king that he is. Dress and look like a Gentleman, like someone who knows what they are doing, have your own style, no one is asking you to put on an extra swag like some internet sensationalist or slay king but just be you in a classy manner! You can’t just be and there’s never a thing looking wow on you. Look can be a serious turn on/off so be careful as a matter of truth,we have observed that those who look unkempt and unattractive all in the name of religion actually are that ugly inwardly. You were created wonderfully and if you look any short of it,we have you to thank for that!

3.)Inflexible and lack of sense of humour: Just stop this already,some of y’all brothers can hardly laugh at anything and in worst cases you are so unyielding, your way is the only way there is,try to listen,try to be flexible,try to laugh when it’s funny don’t keep a stern face just to be seen as different. Don’t consciously put up an act of seriousness, there’s time for everything,time to laugh and time to be serious, don’t confuse the two. Don’t dull her vibe,how can she be beside you and not be able to be herself or get excited all because she’s dating a spiritual leader. Stop being a Pharisee and learn to keep it real for a second. Get off your high horse and be down to earth!

4.)It’s not a Crime to be Romantic: One of the issues of some brothers is that they ain’t romantic, the word is sinful as far as they are concerned, being romantic is not a sin,everybody loves fun at least if you ain’t a sad person or a sadist you should love fun, and happiness being romantic is fun, it puts a considerable long smile on her face,that’s the truth, trust us on this! If you can’t do anything nice for her,you can’t say anything nice to her, you can’t compliment her dress,her hair or anything you like about her, because your whole ambition is never to consider earthly things,you have failed woefully already and that’s exactly how you loose her cause very soon her attention will be shifted to the one who knows how to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. Pretences and hypocrisy won’t let you win in the game of love.

5)Do You Know How To Treat A Lady: Yes Mark Zukerberg might not be a fashion icon like we pointed earlier on but he sure knows how to treat a lady,he wouldn’t compare her to any other woman,cause we ain’t sure every brother can genuinely make the statement “my wife is the most important person in my life” that’s not being romantic or being cheesy it’s simply being real and intelligent. Every man who knows what marriage is all about knows the woman in his life is his number one,he knows her worth. A real man knows how to treat a lady any lady as a matter of fact,he knows the worth of a woman and respects it. Honour and respect the place of the women in your life. Also learn to give to your woman, you don’t need to have it all,just give no matter how little cause a real woman will appreciate it. Don’t try to evade responsibility by trying to strip her off every accessory she’s got,cause for some it’s the easy way out since they are stingy and perhaps unable to provide,then you find out they are liars and cheat at the end of it all. You don’t expect your girl to roam around you when an admirer knows how to treat her. You better learn how to give her the care, attention and understanding she deserves! Give her,her space in your life!
     He who has ears let him hear what LLWTKG is saying!