To those ladies who are in the habit of ignoring the warning signs given by their prospective mother in law,just be rest assured you are in for a SHOCKER…when your prospective mother in law asks if you knew anything about his past,don’t act like yes I do,ask for clarity,if she says you will find your own man,don’t be too insensitive to let that pass…one of the major reasons women run their selves into bad marriages is simply because they lost their sensitivity,they became insensitive for love. Intuition ignored and signs ignored!This would live you disappointed!

#HotTopic:Things That Guys Do Which Upsets TKGOLD!(Taking It Personal)

1.)I detest it when a regular guy addresses me with unwarranted pet names….Take it or leave it,it shouldn’t be that you go around calling people endearing pet names mean while you share nothing special with them!Most times this particular kinda guys do that because they are suffering from emotional excesses,they just wanna create a space for themselves in the hearts of these ladies UNNECESSARILY not because she means something to them but because they wanna leave a false impression on her mind.

2.)Secondly it’s always a deal breaker for me,when I see a guy who practically and literally starts begging for attention from a girl, that is a spelt out weakness and there is nothing attractive about that,rather than beg for her attention,create a communication with her as a friend,if your communication with her is well grounded it would create a niche for you in her mind and by so doing you wouldn’t have to beg for the attention you crave for. The way you act irrationally is what turns her off from you,so just add a bit of reasoning to your dealing with her and she would begin to see you as the guy who knows what he is doing,truth be told no lady is attracted to a vulnerable guy!Stop begging for attention”EARN”the attention.

3.)Foolishness is what you demonstrate when you slide into her DM or more commonly on Facebook(her messenger)and after five lines of conversation you’re already demanding to keep a tryst,pictures and phone numbers that’s one of the acme of desperation it doesn’t speak well of your person at all so desist from it and take one step at a time.

4.)How can you go and tell a lady I love you simply because you saw her pictures,I know you can see some pictures and get attracted but to term that as Love is absolutely preposterous. If her picture attracts you,call it what it is don’t over exaggerate it by going as far as saying I Love You,Love is stronger than what a mere picture would spring! When you start acting and talking right that is when she would take you seriously,but if your countenance oozes desperation and irrationality then she can’t genuinely say yes to you!

5.)And to the guys who knows nothing than intentionally creating a pity party in the sense that they want you to be emotionally drawn or feel some sort of pity on them they therefore settle to play the victim’s card they call themselves ugly,poor and all sort of demeaning adjectives so they can get you to tell them “no you are cute” or wants you to prove a point that it’s not because of their financial status you are avoiding them,no one has to prove a point by dating you to show you that all is well with you….Get it now the act of dating is a choice and not a favour and no one should be coerced or cajoled into it. Stop the reverse psychology and start talking like a guy who was trained well,who is emotionally stable and who is mentally balanced.

6.)One of the guys I want far away is the ones who can’t stop bugging my phone for obnoxious reasons!You don’t have a relationship with her and yet you choose to keep calling 10times in a day,who does that!You think by that she would be emotionally drawn to you but guess what, her phone is on the airplane mode because of you silly guys. Respect yourself!It is respect that will earn you some dignity and the attention you dying for!

7.)To the guys who think it’s fun and sexy to constantly use vulgar words,the best you can only look to her is crazy,be humble,be reasonable,be chivalrous and be yourself,stop adopting vulgar words in the midst of a conversation that is so unnecessary! News flash;Bad boys are wack!

8.)Some guys are still boys and they are already playing the role of a man,how do I mean?A guy of 21 years old is already thinking about paying his Girlfriend’s school fees for Christ sake I’m not saying you can’t support your GF but please don’t start what you cannot finish, don’t start what you are liable to regret,there is a role of her father in her life and there is a role of a boyfriend in her life,play your own role and leave the rest to God and her Father!

9.)One of the most pathetic and unattractive guys on earth are the one who lack the capacity to control themselves,get some self control and comport yourself. Some dudes when it’s raining they keep shouting weather for two to all the females on their contacts and some when a lady is in their presence they suddenly get hysterical like a puppy happy to see his mother!Develop some willful self control. Be a gent who never looses his composure!

10.)Stop exaggerating compliments that’s too much juice too much sauce!I can’t begin to write those exasperating compliments here, rather than make her feel good it only leaves her in full doubt of what you just said cause she ain’t dumb which therefore leaves the impression that your words shouldn’t be taken seriously but more like a pinch of salt,for instance she is wearing an ordinary blouse and maybe skirt or trouser as the case maybe, just because you wanted to say something you go all the way to say you are looking stunning. Goodness! who looks stunning in a simple top and skirt!Only drop a compliment when it’s necessary! No one is comfortable with lies in the name of been complimented.

11)Throwing your ego to my face…e.g I don’t say sorry,watch me act,(crazy you ask me)or I gotta move into my own apartment at 20,21 when you have a home with your family, look here!it doesn’t make you any less of a weakling nor more of a man!its funny to me because most “boys” don’t even know that their over the board ego would only drive them into trouble and of course more trouble if they keep at it! What are you faking for anyways when it’s hard enough to be who you really are,there’s more to life than faking up reality all in the name of ego! when the reality of the trouble,debts,and offences you led yourself into because of your ego dawns on you we hope it wouldn’t be too late!

12.)The other kinda guys who act untoward are the ones who act like without having a relationship they can’t breath I mean they just can’t breath,it’s the acme of vulnerability to consistently ask different kinda girls out,imagine asking up to 10 girls out in a year and also at the same time,that is nothing short of philandering! Quit going about seeking for a relationship with any and everybody.
Y’all should make a conscious effort to be better men,some of these cut across all age group of men. But then again this is not condemning the guys it’s only a constructive criticism and if you follow it,the female folks would start taking you seriously and above all respect you!


The long term spice of a relationship isn’t Sex but a friendly consistent conversation or communication-TKGOLD!

#CupidSongOfTheWeek:Eji Owuro by Shola Allyson!

OMG!At this moment I wish everyone understands the Yoruba language not for anything but for you to grab the content of this agape love song!Without a hype there has been no love song well put like this one,the content is as beautiful as the melody that comes with it. The song only speaks about TRUE LOVE and UNION” for a love like this should be the only reason for marriage,if marriage is made up of two individuals who harkens to the lyrics of this music then that marriage can’t be included in the statistics of separated/divorced. Eji Owuro sings about her lover hearkening to her advice as his wife,taking his mind off the distractions in the world as it only breeds fruitlessness,it preaches love that embraces the spirit,soul and body of one’s partner,it also sings about sharing nothing but the truth in the union. Listen to each words of this song and let it resonate to your mind,don’t be carried away by the melody,let the lyrics carry you away to a point you wouldn’t settle for less in your relationship/marriage!Hey Mr DJ take note of this song for my traditional wedding!

#JokeOfACouple:Kylie Jenner hooks Rapper Tyga!

What a Joke! At first there was a denial and then a public relationship and finally a break up! Tyga had to deny being in a relationship with Kylie at the time because it was shameful like Amber rose(a friend to his ex)had described it, not to mention that people already thought he left a grown woman and their son to be with a sweet sixteen turned seventeen! Tyga even had the nerve to deny the existence of the relationship by explaining it away on the black culture mentality which states that “if you are with this person you are smashing them.” They are no longer together anyways because according to the black and yellow crooner “When you’re with anybody that first year, it’s magic and then after that, you start realizing a bunch of sh*t.” We think that any MATURE guy would know better than to date a growing teenager no matter the excitement cause for sure somebody has a lot of growing up and catching up to do which of course would tell on the relationship. Kylie on the other hand talked about feeling like she was dating the world as a result of the massive media coverage, that is definitely a flimsy one coming from a reality and social media star. Their relationship right from the beginning was a predicted failure. In between was all the nasty drama of the other joke of a couple if you know what we mean.

#CoupleOfTheWeek:Richard Mofe Damijo & Jumobi Adegbesan Damijo

According to the Nay sayers their union was predicted to become a short term one[thereby denying them the opportunity of being featured as a couple of the week on LLWTKG] Indeed only a man who desires to be kept can make his marriage with the help of his wife a successful love story!RMD no doubt has always been the man after most ladies admiration both within his sphere Nollywood as well as from his audience! Despite all these enviable attention,he knew and respected the place of his wife in his life not kicking her aside nor out of his home like some would have done to entertain the groupies that come with the fame. The place of his wife Jumobi cannot be dethroned in his heart this we know by the words of RMD, he penned down how important she is to him in an ode he wrote her during their 16th wedding anniversary!Jumobi is a woman whom he described as the lady who played the background so he could shine,she did not desire to feed on her Hubby’s fame in exchange for a recognition to her name. She is a supportive woman who “tolerated” RMD as a Nollywood icon and husband, nevertheless loves him unconditionally. This is a couple who has proved the Homewreckers and naysayers wrong.
Lessons Learnt: When there is no crack on the wall of your home,the side chick and side kick lizards would never get in!
Where the value of a  partner is known,appreciation abounds!Love and Gratitude can see Couples through Life unblemished!


If you are doing everything as a man or woman to make your outter appearance be more attractive while you do nothing regarding your inner self to be a better man or woman for your spouse & yourself,for sure you’ll only become a well packaged gift of worthlessness. It’s important that as we strive to go to the gym to rebuild our physical appearance we also do everything to be better men and women of character!That’s the truth!


A simple but fulfilling relationship is one that keeps going with a friendly conversation,achievements together, fun,reminiscence & future to hope for,with just these it stays alive while a HARD relationship is one you have to constantly CATCH UP with everything you are not immorally and materially including the latest sex position,sex chats and sex venue in the world, trying to be perfect physically,sexually and materially in order to make the relationship work!In short a simple relationship happens just by being yourself and not by following the trends of what the society dictates as the new cool and standard!


Jude Okoye of P-Square asked a dicey question during the week and this is it:Who does a man loves more,the woman he lies to,or the one he tells the truth to???Who do you think???and perhaps your reason(s)
    Left to us,the truth should be the basis of our relationship with each other cause we think if you never know truth then you never know Love,in other words,love and truth are inseparable. For someone whom is loved shouldn’t be denied the truth in that relationship. Speak the truth given that you both love each other truly! Lies are just excuses and cover ups for our failure,once a relationship is built on lies it leaves cracks on the wall and by so doing more rooms are created for other relationship mishaps!No one wants to be lied to,the least of all someone whom you mean a lot to!
     What do you think???


Should the past be disclosed to one’s partner?Is it advisable to tell your spouse about your past deeds or where you are coming from???