#CoupleOfTheWeek:Richard Mofe Damijo & Jumobi Adegbesan Damijo

According to the Nay sayers their union was predicted to become a short term one[thereby denying them the opportunity of being featured as a couple of the week on LLWTKG] Indeed only a man who desires to be kept can make his marriage with the help of his wife a successful love story!RMD no doubt has always been the man after most ladies admiration both within his sphere Nollywood as well as from his audience! Despite all these enviable attention,he knew and respected the place of his wife in his life not kicking her aside nor out of his home like some would have done to entertain the groupies that come with the fame. The place of his wife Jumobi cannot be dethroned in his heart this we know by the words of RMD, he penned down how important she is to him in an ode he wrote her during their 16th wedding anniversary!Jumobi is a woman whom he described as the lady who played the background so he could shine,she did not desire to feed on her Hubby’s fame in exchange for a recognition to her name. She is a supportive woman who “tolerated” RMD as a Nollywood icon and husband, nevertheless loves him unconditionally. This is a couple who has proved the Homewreckers and naysayers wrong.
Lessons Learnt: When there is no crack on the wall of your home,the side chick and side kick lizards would never get in!
Where the value of a  partner is known,appreciation abounds!Love and Gratitude can see Couples through Life unblemished!