#CupidSongOfTheWeek:Eji Owuro by Shola Allyson!

OMG!At this moment I wish everyone understands the Yoruba language not for anything but for you to grab the content of this agape love song!Without a hype there has been no love song well put like this one,the content is as beautiful as the melody that comes with it. The song only speaks about TRUE LOVE and UNION” for a love like this should be the only reason for marriage,if marriage is made up of two individuals who harkens to the lyrics of this music then that marriage can’t be included in the statistics of separated/divorced. Eji Owuro sings about her lover hearkening to her advice as his wife,taking his mind off the distractions in the world as it only breeds fruitlessness,it preaches love that embraces the spirit,soul and body of one’s partner,it also sings about sharing nothing but the truth in the union. Listen to each words of this song and let it resonate to your mind,don’t be carried away by the melody,let the lyrics carry you away to a point you wouldn’t settle for less in your relationship/marriage!Hey Mr DJ take note of this song for my traditional wedding!