#JokeOfACouple:Kylie Jenner hooks Rapper Tyga!

What a Joke! At first there was a denial and then a public relationship and finally a break up! Tyga had to deny being in a relationship with Kylie at the time because it was shameful like Amber rose(a friend to his ex)had described it, not to mention that people already thought he left a grown woman and their son to be with a sweet sixteen turned seventeen! Tyga even had the nerve to deny the existence of the relationship by explaining it away on the black culture mentality which states that “if you are with this person you are smashing them.” They are no longer together anyways because according to the black and yellow crooner “When you’re with anybody that first year, it’s magic and then after that, you start realizing a bunch of sh*t.” We think that any MATURE guy would know better than to date a growing teenager no matter the excitement cause for sure somebody has a lot of growing up and catching up to do which of course would tell on the relationship. Kylie on the other hand talked about feeling like she was dating the world as a result of the massive media coverage, that is definitely a flimsy one coming from a reality and social media star. Their relationship right from the beginning was a predicted failure. In between was all the nasty drama of the other joke of a couple if you know what we mean.