If any divorce must take place in our marriages, it should be about divorcing our bad habits, those loads that prevent us from being a proper husband or wife. The extra baggages holding us down, not divorcing our partners just to keep on exercising the bad habits they can’t tolerate from us. The moment a man or woman admits to his or her excesses and therefore desires to change that moment they are becoming the spouse they vowed to be,the moment a spouse gives room for GRACE to any mistakes in their marriage that moment they are becoming the spouse they vowed to be. Marriage isn’t about perfection but togetherness with grace, togetherness with repentance togetherness with friendship, together with tolerance, and togetherness with love. If a union must survive both partners must fight for it cause it doesn’t just depend on any of the two but the TWO to survive.

#HotTopic:Befitting Break Up For A Befitting Person!

We know that no matter how respectful a break up can be it can still hurt…however  we also know that a brutal,disrespectful break up isn’t the way to go either because of the weight it carries along with the break up itself and for sure some of our partners deserve better! So for that sake let’s tell you how you shouldn’t break up with the one you loved and who loved you or you still love and still loves you as the case may be:

Do Not Call It Off On The Phone: It is disrespectful,disregarding and insulting to tell a partner who  loves ,cares and respects you that it’s simply over between you two on the phone,it’s an act of cowardice. If you know in your heart that your partner deserves to be treated better,pls call it off in a respectful manner cause that’s the least you can do.

When it’s time to call it off,don’t use words such as never call me again,never text me, or never contact me,don’t make them feel like they were a nightmare in your life,the fact that you have issues with them does not imply that you talk to him or her with no consideration whatsoever. You should consider how it used to be between you too when it’s time to call it off and that’s how you know the way to go.

You Don’t Have To Tell On Them: Some people don’t just know how humiliating a break up can be especially for someone whom have being introduced to the family. That you were introduced to his or her friends and family does not imply that you have the right to pick up your phone and inform their family and friends it’s over between you two,even if you must inform his or her family,you carry them along in the process  or you simply let them do it depending on how far you went with your relationship. It’s not something you do behind their back like you were reporting a child! When a break up must happen the past must be considered,so don’t treat anyone like they never mattered when they actually did. As a matter of fact,it’s in a moment like this you show how highly you held them in your heart regardless of what have become of your relationship.

Bad Mouthing and Subtle Shades: Once it’s over,let it be over without the bad mouthing and shading of your Ex,that is maturity on all level. It’s enough that you two had to go your separate ways,it would be too injurious and heart wrenching to spread lies about him or her or to even keep on telling everyone that cares to listen what ended your relationship and what mistake was made!…pls just be the bigger person and let them go in peace! No social media jabs and the likes and don’t use what you know against them cause it hurts a lot.

Now a befitting break up is when you give the one you are breaking up with some amount of money to say thank you for being there but I’m sorry I have to move on..lol you didn’t waste your time on me so take this car, take this 20million..Lol..OMG,that is nothing like a befitting break up,it’s a profitable business and it’s disrespectful to the one who truly loved you!

A befitting break up is actually done by privately inviting your partner and telling them your desire to end the relationship and possibly giving valid reasons,you guys don’t necessarily have to be friends afterwards but at least a well wisher, that’s enough! A befitting break up is one with empathy, understanding, care and respect FOR A BEFITTING PERSON!

#CupidSongOfTheWeek:Toh Bad by Niyiola

Most addicted lovers can really relate to the emotional outpour of Niyola in this song. This is a case of getting hooked with the “bahd” guys,it’s quite romantically pathetic because once you are hooked it’s almost like you can’t be free from the shackles of “bahd guy’s hell” The forbidden love tastes sweetest and bad guys or girls ain’t just known for their not so good behaviour but their hypnotizing gestures as the song clearly pointed out which therefore makes it harder for their love victims to wanna let go.
      A relationship with a bad guy or girl is usually more toxic than beneficial, the passion is strong, but the excuses are usually enormous for the relationship to survive. If you are struggling to be his or her number one despite all you have done,if you are struggling to let go, if the situation is getting worse no matter how hard you try, it’s quite simple, you have being caught into the love web of a spider man or woman and sure it would take some time to be YOU again. But because LLWTKG gat your back we wouldn’t want you to rationalise staying in this relationship by preferring to think sweetness is the end product of bitter leaves as Niyola concluded, but rather we wanna have you think that such “love” are highly deceptive and misleading so whatever it takes break the spell by first cutting communication with him or her,always remember it’s not for now but for your FUTURE. If the love is true it is mutually EFFORTLESS

#JokeOfACouple:Rapper T.I and Wife Tiny!

Of course they had some kind of love going on but when threesomes and the likes are necessary to make a supposed “unopen marriage” survive the genuiness of that union needs to be questioned. They are such a joke considering how T.I tried to rationalize the failure of their marriage  by giving it away to the statement “our love is beyond fidelity” isn’t that a convenient thing to say when fidelity is the hardest thing for you to do as a couple. Anyways no amount of sophistry would prevent us from featuring them in here! Chao!

#CoupleOfTheWeek:Kirk Franklin and Tammy Collins!

If you actually got to know their story, you can really see why so many marriages will last if we chose to. The struggles they had to overcome as couple is motivating enough to have them here to inspire others.
These are the words of Kirk to his Wife,Tammy on their 20th anniversary, we just have to share in order for you all to appreciate why we celebrate this amazing couple;
     “Can I take my time?!
“Get past the jacket, the shoulder pads, and the grill before retainers! Today I celebrate 20 years with this woman! We were young, I was dumb, she came from a good family, I had NO family, but she was patient; not stupid.
“A prime example of how a good woman can change a man without breaking him down. My past was sketchy…she knew that. She didn’t compromise her standard but helped me reach it. Every song you’ve heard over the last 20 years, she wrote it. She was every lyric, every key change spelled her name.
“We’ve seen dark days together, but we saw them, TOGETHER. Men can be dumb at times, and want what’s newer, fresher, or what our other “head” thinks is better… But to fail Tammy, is to fail God. To cheat on tammy is to cheat on the kingdom, my children, and even you… Those who trust me to chase Christ with everything I got. I’m not perfect, but I’m still in love…with Tammy. Happy 20th anniversary baby! (See bae I did it without saying something nasty!”
     They are blessed with three beautiful kids including Tammy’s child before she married him! This year actually makes it their 21st anniversary Hurray!!


To the ladies,Whatever a man turns you into all in the name of love would be the reason or one of the reasons he will eventually “EX” you. If he made you the girl who had an abortion,he would leave you for that reason,if he made you the girl without a womb he would EX you for that reason(you can ask Neyo and Monyetta)If he made you the one with the bleached skin,we are too sure that wouldn’t keep him either(maybe you wanna ask Toke Makinwa)if he made you an automated teller machine and he feels like you didn’t let him be man enough he sure would EX you for that no matter what(you can ask 9ice and Payne)…So when you are in love and in that cloud 9 and you feel like you can give your ALL to get some little love in return always remember that TRUE LOVE DOESN’T require HARDWORK and it doesn’t PRIDE itself in wrong doings nor is it SELF SEEKING!


Living in denial about the state of your relationship wouldn’t make your lies and imaginations become the truth, nor would it right the wrongs,nor would it give room for a change, what makes your relationship true to you is your honesty with yourself,and what makes the wrong right is real repentance thereby giving room for the change you want!


If love is true it would bring Dreams to pass and not thwart your dreams,it doesn’t matter if they are your dreams or his dreams or the dreams you have in common,what love does is to help to achieve it and not render it impossible -TKGOLD
This goes out to all those who sacrifice their dreams because they seem to be in love and their partner is kinda against it,Love gives you wings to fly and not cut your wings
Love stands by you so you can stand tall,love is never far away in the face of your ambition
Love sees the best in you and not the worst
Love believes in You, and in the synergy of your relationship! On the wings of love dreams come true!