#TKGOLDExtra: Competition Between His Girlfriendsss

There is nothing as competitive as the rivalry that exists between two females who have decided to prove a point to each other! They throw cautions into the wind in order to achieve an extreme desire. And what could that be? It is the fact that she eventually got the ring despite the abuse, shame and disrespect savagely melted on her by the man they both share. This is really not the way to go, when the goal of a relationship is directed from being the one he loves and values, the one you love and value as well, the one he wanna make happy and be with to the one who got the ring in the heated competition you can only land in regret, because after the ring comes the marriage and at that point there wouldn’t be anything to  prove again, you will be left with your feelings and the struggle to keep the man whom you competed for.

It’s so rampant now, a guy would keep two ladies who are so aware of each other, and despite this he would be getting assurance from either of them about their undying, ever abiding loyalty to him just so he picks one of them eventually…SMH!!  if a guy does not make you the one why fight to make him the one, you are a lady, put some respect on that worth!….Once again ladies your love for him or whatever it is you feel for him must not surpass your dignity for yourself!

#HotTopic: Things We Do With Our Relationship and Our Lives That Back Fire On Us

It’s important to know that we are a product of our own choices, and of course there are consequences for every wrong choice we make, this fact isn’t an exception when it comes to the matters of the heart and how we choose to play it. Every character that we demonstrate always have an implication whether directly or indirectly on us and in our relationship/marriage. Some of these unfortunate behaviors are highlighted below:

1)Misrepresentation Of Feminism: This has become really alarming, there are women who have portrayed feminism in the most wrongful manner! A woman must be respected that’s a fact and no man should be forced to respect the female gender cause naturally it is a courtesy every man should have towards the other gender. But for a wife to earn respect from her husband has got nothing to do with inappropriate struggling for power, if you want respect you command it! The most FRUITLESS way to prove a point to your man is by simply letting him know that you think he doesn’t know what he’s doing nor saying, double daring him, being a rival rather than a help mate, raising your voice at him to prove a point, being bitter, aggressive, unattractive and very challenging, all of that can be aptly classified as character flaws which isn’t what feminism is truly about. Being amicable is the way to go, a wise woman should know how her man is built, how he was made to operate, how he thinks and was made to function. If you act against his functionality you will inevitably repel him thereby ending up by your lonesome. That’s the implication of exhibiting this foolishness(By the way we do employ all phony feminists to desist from recruiting gullible women into their bitter association of divorced, frustrated phony feminist, live and let live)

2)Egoism: Excessive egoism demonstrated by a man is akin to the misrepresentation of feminism demonstrated by a woman. Any man who places egoism and pride above his feelings for his partner would end up just like his female counter part “alone!” Being excessively egoistic as a man and husband is simply abusing the place of leadership your woman let you have, you simply be a true leader who is ready to be kind, accommodating and humble in other to achieve what’s best for your marriage. If you fail to make your wife feel comfortable with your leadership skills you will rule alone at the top, cause she just won’t tussle your “manly” approach. Egoism makes you worship your own self rather than having the slightest consideration for her thoughts and her feelings, lucky enough if you get her to stay with you despite your abuse, you both will end up unhappy and you will loose the wise, intelligent and beautiful woman you once knew!( A plead to all egoistic men to desist from recruiting gullible men into their association of unwanted, unproductive married men)

3)Foolish Lifestyle Of Some Girls: We do have girls who are easily swayed away just by the reality of their gender, their sexiness and the power which they possess thanks to their “feminine ways” Incessant clubbing, one night stand and partying would eventually make you the lab rat for philandering guys and in worst cases for psychos. The implication of handling yourself to  guys on the street or a fraudster on Instagram to use you will only leave you empty, devoured and dumped!

4)Choosing Financial Security Over Love: Money is good and of course a necessity however sadness is real! We ain’t no poverty team of hopelessness which is why we believe there is a hope for a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again!  So for a fact ye gullible men and women choosing gold over the man or woman who truly loves you and have proven their worth to you wouldn’t in anyway guarantee your future nor your happiness. Some women and men would rather marry their grandpa and grandma who controls and use them for the love of financial security, however they can’t eat their cake and have it. LLWTKG is less concerned about crying in a Ferrari or Tricycle because what matters to us is finding peace and joy with the ones we love. The outcome of prioritizing money over love will dump you in the loneliness of the greatest sorrow of regret. Wise men and women have said riches isn’t everything but poverty stricken men and women would say they’ll rather cry in a Lamborghini. Sadness is real it all depends on our choices!

5.)Misbehavior Towards The One You Love: Most times we see guys handling their relationship with levity and disrespect leaving their partner to beg for their affection and respect well at the end of the day she would take over from where you stopped cause the moment you decide to turn a new leave you might not find her where you would have loved her to be!…She is gone! Obedience is indeed better than sacrifice, once the trust is broken or the love is abused it’s so hard to rebuild or regain.

6.)Triangular Relationship: Stop forming a triangle in your relationship. We have people who always have this third person in their relationship, a side chick and for the ladies a side kick. Once you see that a guy is adding you to his conquest rather than making you the only one leave on time and stop wasting your time. Staying would only leave you in circles,uncertainty and you are most likely to loose him.

7.)Baby mama/Baby Daddy lifestyle:  A lot of social media stars have ascribed success to having kids out of wedlock the implication of this is the drama and sometimes stigmatization and abandonment that comes with it. It’s a master-slave relationship once you are added to the league of his baby mamas. Before joining that queue have a rethink!

8.) Marrying the wrong person: We are products of our choices, good or bad! Some would choose their partner for various cheesy reasons and at the end of the day they discover how hard it is to leave under the same roof with the wrong one. Living with your partner would really show if indeed you are meant to be together or not which is why making the wrong choice would leave you living in hell on earth.

9.)Homewrecker turned wife: This is quite simple, wreck another woman’s or man’s home and definitely yours will be wrecked too!No mathematics no physics no organic chemistry lol

10.)Lack of care for your wife and kids: So you are amongst those heartless men who abandon their wife and kids when they flourish in wealth, well news flash the implication of this is latter sickness and poverty and the ones whom you abandon would become the ones you beg for their attention,care and forgiveness at the end. Do not sow the seed of unforgiveness in the hearts of those you are supposed to love! When all is said and done they are the only ones left! No sidechick would take good care of you when you are bed ridden simply because she ain’t getting anymore cash now!

11.)Double Dating: It leaves you highly confused not to mention that once a person discovers you were double dating while with them and they can’t handle been played for a fool you may loose your life or sanity to it that’s the implication cause it happens!

The Last But Certainly Not The Least;

12)Loan For A Wedding: Because this is serious you have to understand that making good financial decisions is a sure way to a peaceful heart, do not burden yourself lending loans for a day wedding ceremony, there’s no point accumulating debt for a wedding that is not even a financial investment. You must learn to cut your coat according to your size or you live to tell the story of how you paid a debt you did not owe!


#CoupleOfTheWeek: Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin

“When you are used to delaying Gratification you can be patient to allow Potentials to manifest”this is exactly what this phenomenal couple has taught us and that makes it the primary reason why we have them in this column today,not for any other reason.

Meagan Good is a celebrity actress married to a successful Hollywood producer and renowned preacher!They both have had their fair share of unsavory relationships from their exes, you know what they say if you want a different result you try a different thing,that was precisely the route they both decided to take by saying goodbye to unsavory relationships and hello to a titan one! They decided to handle their lovelife with a different approach!how?by WAITING!!!!These hero and heroine practiced celibacy through out their 13month relationship before getting married,they admitted that it wasn’t a easy decision especially for Meagan Good but with the help of a partner who is well groomed in what it takes to be a captain of the ship they both scaled through and of course coupled with the Grace of God that came with it!

Meagan who has always wanted to practise celibacy in her previous relationship but failed due to the trepidation of loosing her man to other preying girls around had to give into sex but at the end of the day she realized she still loosed him anyways so after coming to that realization she decided it was time to try a new thing, she gladly went on a celibacy road with her man.

The act of waiting before unleashing the cookie jar made them realize who they truly are, what the relationship is truly about and if truly they could be together.

Devon Franklin is a preacher, a believer of course but however wasn’t practising what he was preaching on the pulpit,he preached celibacy in the church but went on to have coitus in his personal life. On a good day he decided to align his spiritual life with his personal life by practising what he preaches#celibacy…This should be a pointer to believers to start aligning the Holy Bible with their personal life!

This couple have been married for five years and still counting,they started with celibacy and ended as couples!

When practising celibacy the relationship shouldn’t be about SEX!Ironic right!yes, some folks once they learn you are either a virgin or a celibate they begin to count on that,leverage on that,as if virginity/celibacy is the POINT of the relationship NOPE! The point of the relationship at all times should be about figuring out if you both are truly meant to be together,if indeed you align and reason together if this isn’t a priority undoubtedly you will become the couples who practised celibacy and yet had a marriage that hit the rock! The practise of Celibacy is for “realization” and not Sex at the end of the day!

#JokeOfACouple: Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

The saying “It’s not how far but how well” has never been so true as in the case of this couple, they have both come a long way but really how well? Not the least well if you ask us!

What a relationship! We are sure Kourtney has been incredibly patient with this dude, but that isn’t to say she isn’t guilty enough to feature on this column cause it takes two to make a joke of a couple. Scot is a shameless womanizer and drunkard who has never been sure as regards his relationship with Kourtney, while on the other hand  Kourtney was a partner who didn’t know when to say enough and neither did she have the capacity to cause the change she wanted on him anyways his misbehavior was good for business(reality show) so why let him go right?

Take this with you, a man who doesn’t consider himself valuable cannot value you no matter what!
Having children for an irresponsible man would in no way make him a responsible person.
A woman must know what she wants and of course use her head to get it. These and many more our #JokeOfACouple for today has taught us!

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: If Love Is A Crime By 2Baba

First off, gonna have to say that 2Baba is so good with love songs, his choice of words sure proves that he knows what true love should be!

What’s more, it’s a happy coincidence to have him complement the message of achieving true love by sexual purity preached by our unique couple of the week Meagan Good and Devon Franklin.

If love is a crime with it’s melody and lyrical prowess helps tell the story of a strong beautiful woman who has got the MAJOR KEY to unlocking this few and far between dream of love that she believes can only come her way by the standards she has chosen and believe in, for her,her way is the only way there is, which is why you owe nobody an apology to go celibate, no compromise sisters! That’s the power you’ve got!

This approach would help chase the unwanted fast food guys in other to give room for the ONLY ONE who can stand the test of time, who can prove himself for most often than not there’s no other way to test the authenticity of a genuine partner this days than to take away the sex thing!This will reveal who they are and what they want!

The icing on the cake for our beautiful love song for this week would be that there was a man in this story who appreciated and respected all of her ideas about true love, who was ready to go all the way, who wanted what she dreams of and was willing to help achieve it. So if there’s a man for her in this song it’s not too much for you to dream, it’s simply not to much for you to have. Remember if he can sing it, it is simply possible!


That you truly love a person and it’s not reciprocated does not make you less of the person you are in anyway, neither does it make the person they love a better person than you,always remember that love is a choice,so fret not, do not let that tamper with your peace and self esteem, true love never forces itself on others. Love will find you! TKGOLD Says So


A woman who does not care for your finances doesn’t truly love you! Money is a huge area in life and marriage so any woman who has no genuine intention to help you with that but instead is reckless about how she spends your money and how you spend it isn’t the one who is for you but against you! A woman in love will build you and not wreck you! TKGOLD Says So


A lot of people go into marriage with unidentified feelings which bring us to ask;

At what point do you know this is true love and not just romance, infatuation or lust??


To crush on a person means to have a short-lived and unrequited love or infatuation on that person. In other words he or she is your object of infatuation.

So do you think having a crush while married is acceptable, dangerous or just there?