#HotTopic: Love And Romance!

Love and Romance are feelings which are often confused to be the same, the reason isn’t far fetched from the fact that we are ignorant to tag any special feeling we have towards a particular person as LOVE, we are ignorant to think that when romance is gone then true love is gone, that when it is romantic then it is full of love. For the records Love may certainly include romance but Romance cannot for a certain involve true Love. Our inability to differentiate one from the other is one of the core factors for the high rate of divorce and heart breaks. Romance is disappointing but true love never is. The ignorant prioritization of romance OVER love is another reason why most people date up to six individuals in a year in order to keep the “excitement” at heart, it is a reason why people in a committed relationship or marriage still go ahead to cheat because they long for the excitement that comes with the feeling of romance which they seem not to find in their own love life! Do not be deceived romance is a nine day wonder while true love is ever abiding.

Yes! one of the “voices” of true love is romance. It sure helps love speak “romantically” Love can speak through romance, but romance may not speak with love, it’s absolutely possible which is why everyone must be able to discern what feeling it is they feel or are receiving so as not to get into marriage with the person they are simply romantic with. Love is deeper than romance because it centres on companionship, care, patience, forgiveness, understanding, communication, truth, righteousness, validation, believe, respect and support while romance is all about the “fire”that burns in a relationship or marriage, that explains why most couples wrongfully come to the conclusion that they have lost their love when the fire which stands for excitement is quenched in their union. Over the years the burden of parenting and the pursue of vision often silence the loud voice of romance between couples,which is understandable but then we must strive to never let the excitement of romance die out in our marriage permanently. Without romance the fire of love is gone. Don’t let it die out!

During courtship romance may eventually turn to love, or it may not, simply because love is not an automatic feeling that follows after romance.  The reason why we letting you know this is that romance has led a lot of partners astray, It’s not love because you have butterflies in your tummy when they are around, it’s just what it is, romance! Which is why you must not rush it, do not jump the gun cause that’s what romance makes you do when you think you are in love.

For one to know that it is true love, you will certainly have the imaginations of how far you can go with your partner. Would you accept this person in their worst like when he grows pot belly?when she gets the baby fat during and after the  pregnancy journey, without the make up and glamour would you still wanna be with them in all sincerity?in their worst state would you like to be their comfort,in health and sickness would you? It is love when it moves beyond the physical to how this person adds “value”to your life, i.e to how much you “value” him or her,to how selfless you are for them because Selflessness is true love! It is beyond your sex life,it is beyond everything you can see right now. It is as well accepting the truth about him or her. These are the characteristics of true love. Look before you leap!

Like the aforementioned, love is ever abiding, which brings us to this instructions; wive, do not think your husband doesn’t love you anymore or loves you less because he doesn’t take you out on dates like he used to,he doesn’t hold your hand on public functions like he used to,or he doesn’t buy you stuffs as much as he used to nor remember your birthday like he did. Husband, do not think she doesn’t love you anymore or desires you like she used to because she isn’t putting on the lingerie as she used to,or throw surprise birthday parties like she used to,or your sex life ain’t as passionate,all you gotta do is rekindle the fire of love which is what?ROMANCE! The lack of romance isn’t enough reason to cheat on him it isn’t enough to cheat on her,it isn’t enough for divorce. All you have to do is rekindle the fire! There abide romance and love but the greatest of these is true love!