#CoupleOfTheWeek: Ramsey Nouah and Emelia Philips Nouah

It took quite a while for both fans and the Nigerian blogosphere to come to the realization that handsome, talented and famous actor Ramsey Nouah has being married to his wife Emelia Philips Nouah not to mention for over 15 years which undoubtedly is something very applaudable cause we cannot deny the negative impact of the media meddling in celebrity’s marriages, this strength of maturity displayed by the couple in keeping their union out of the envious eyes of the public is a virtue in which most celebrities are quite weak on.

Ramsey described his wife as a very special triple fold woman full of great understanding, he termed her as the driver and fore runner of his home holding it all together regardless of the ugly side of which fame might have brought them. They are worth celebrating for their maturity and the grace to have come this far. The couple are blessed with three kids. We hope they continue to wax greatly till eternity! We love you guys!