#HotTopic: Deal Breakers!

Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. This biblical quote should remind you that you are better off being in a relationship with certain people. It should enlighten you that letting some people into your heart is tantamount to suicide, murder or emotional instability! We hope this article turns your focus onto the right people and off the wrong ones!

15 people you shouldn’t give your heart to!

1)Opportunist: a person who prioritises your money or body over you isn’t the one to be in a relationship with. Opportunists are people who turn their backs on you the moment they cannot get what they used to from you anymore, they are people who misbehave when your services don’t get to them as much as it used to. If distance comes between you two, you are simply replaced, if your money ain’t getting to them anymore they simply can’t bear it so they find a replacement. It’s even more sad that some people still beg to be in a relationship with them despite the handwriting on the wall. They have nothing to truly offer but everything to leech away! Their mentality of you is that you are simply replaceable(which is false) so do not struggle to keep a relationship with them cause it’s not worth it, you do have everything to loose if you keep them.

2)Are you dating a man who thinks it’s OK to sleep with you, enjoy your chef services, your emotional, spiritual and mental support for over two years and still isn’t sure what next to do with your relationship?are you in a relationship with a lady who enjoys your financial support, kindness and care every time she needs it but still isn’t ready to say yes to you right now? That exactly is how to know a man or woman who doesn’t take you seriously, nor genuinely wants you. If a man isn’t capable of popping the question after so long nor a woman ready to say yes after all is said and done, it only shows they have commitment issues with you, quit postponing the inevitable, they are simply time wasters so give room for the best today. Bye bye joker, hello goodness!

3)A person who can’t listen to you, nor trust your judgements isn’t a “partner goal.” Someone who let other people be it their friends or relatives run your relationship, decide what’s best for your relationship isn’t a person who would ever think highly of you, neither would they make a good partner cause they are full of unpleasant surprises. There’s no partnership with this kinda people, you are always in the dark all they want is to own you and use you! Be smart a person who trust and believes that you have the best intention for them is a person who would give you the peace and understanding you desire!

4)Of course no one should be in a relationship with an abuser, whatever you think they’re giving to you is an appeaser of what they cost you. Your love for them is not a reason to abide with them!

5)A person who fails to compliment you, your efforts and achievement but quite quick to notice your flaws is a person who is in a competition and not in a relationship with you. Such a person is an enemy, and not a lover! Do you honestly think you should keep him or her still?? A jealous lover who can stand?

6)A person you are playing a second fiddle to would never put you first, they will always be there for the other person, they will always run to the other person first before running to you, you will always have to compete for their attention and commitment. They are nothing but time wasters your best will never be enough. A relationship with mutual love and commitment is one that puts you at rest and assurance of being loved and cared for.

7)One of the worst kinda people to be in a relationship with are amateurs, they prefer malice to dialogue, insults to correction, ego to humility. They simply do not know how to respond to situations, they are arrogant, childish, and self seeking. Keeping a relationship with them is incredibly tiring cause that is synonymous to being a nanny to a grown up!

8)Liars and manipulators are just a no go area for the sake of your sanity. You can’t help but hold their words like a pinch of salt, they are untrustworthy, they lie to you and afterwards manipulate you to excuse their behavior. A liar would never keep nor honour the marital vows so why keep them still?? A manipulator would never take the blame so why keep an irresponsible partner?? Stay away from this people to avoid the misery of being married to them.

9)A love that does not express itself through giving is no love at all. Stay away from those who find it hard to stretch their hands to you willingly. We say no more!

10)It’s funny but there are people who are in a relationship with persons who don’t want a relationship with them, the symptoms are quite obvious they frustrate you, ignore your calls, avoid explanations and give plenty excuses, they are never afraid of loosing you cause in fact to them it’s not a loss but a plus. You are better off this people,believe it!

11)A person who makes you feel unimportant is a person who doesn’t prioritise you, a person who doesn’t show you your worth or how much you mean to them, you shouldn’t give your heart to this kind cause they are hypocrites, you would never be sure of their feelings towards you. And worst of all they make you feel unworthy of their love because they think you are nobody without them, yes you are somebody so move on!

12)Being in a relationship with someone who thinks you are accursed is one in which you are held responsible for every misfortune in your partner’s life. This mostly happens in marriages.

13)Do not date anyone out of pity cause no good would come out of it, it is extremely regrettable! You do not have to prove anything to anyone, love is a choice and not a favour.

14)People who compare you to anyone they have or had in their lives would never be contented with you, so it’s best you go be yourself for the person who wants and need you!

15)Someone who does not share same values as you only breeds compatibility issues, as much as there are no two people who are perfectly the same, still there are people who are quite opposite of you, when there are major differences in your values you simply would cross each other’s path so there is no point making do with such!

Words of advice, no one is perfect but at least don’t be a mistake or regret in someone else’s life. Be the best you can be!