#PickYourCandyCelebrityCrush: Damilola Adegbite & Adesuwa Etomi

Talk about two fair beauties like the waterfalls Damilola and Adesuwa!
They are both working in the same field but is their pulchritude by the same token if you were asked??

If Damilola was on your right hand side would you reach out for her or you would rather reach out for Adesuwa on your left hand side??

Privy speaking, Dammy was once married while Susu is about to try her hands on marriage or let’s say give it a shot! We pray it lasts tho.

Without further ado, who is your celebrity candy crush amongst these deux!


We all have our own issues but never see marriage as an escape route for survival, instead think about a way to invest in yourself and your future. When you allow desperation and hunger for lifting financial burden or the need to leave an unhealthy environment desperately lead you into marriage, you overlook things that you should have concerned yourself with in your partner thereby getting into an unhealthy environment all over again. You must go into marriage for the right reasons otherwise you’ll be forced to live the life you once tried to avoid by all means!

It ain’t easy but in God we trust!

#HotTopic: All You Need To Know About Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic violence by men against their significant other, have been widely reported, so we wanna say a little something, well a significant one as regards the menace that has claimed a lot of lives. 
First off, here are the misconceptions about DV against women:
Women are Mouthed: We can’t stress this enough, it’s rather bias than factual to think that a man solely hits his wife cause he was provoked by her cheesiness, her “mouthedness” and disrespectful behavior, this is faulty because a man cannot claim that he is also not a person susceptible to possessing an ANNOYING TRAIT. Every human being has their annoying side but, how people deal with us is what makes the difference. For instance, your wife has not been hitting your butt for your constant late nights, nor for keeping her in the dark, neither has your girlfriend been hitting you for always picking your side chick’s call right in front of her! Really, can any man claim he has never provoked his woman before? So, the only reason you get violent with her is because, you think you are a bully who can overpower and control a “weakling.” Therefore, cultivating self control is the key while also keeping in mind it’s a “no do” behavior.
Anything can lead to DV in a marriage other than an “excusable provocation”  ranging from your  insecurities as a man(which is mostly the case,) and a faulty family background e.t.c, so let’s not leverage on women being provoking cause, all humans actually have an annoying trait but the difference is our maturity and self control.
Calling Women Who Go Against DV as Feminist: Seriously though, why would you think preaching against domestic violence meted on women is a feministic trait? as far as we are concerned it’s an applaudable act of humanness to be against any sort of violence. Men who are quick to scream “feminists” are the misogynistic ones who think women must be treated less of their own gender, they are the ones who think that women are  intellectually unequal to men so they are always the reason behind the violence against them!
How To Curb This Menace As A “Perpetrator” Of Domestic Violence.
Renew Your Mentality Of Women: If you are a man who practices this shameful act, the first way to let yourself off this shackles is to correct your “mentality of women” how? by erasing any of these two opinions.
Firstly, don’t think your “mother” is the only woman who deserves your  respect because, you feel she isn’t your sexual tool, nor has she squandered your money but raised you, that is another pointer that you are one of the delusional men who think women are not humans to be appreciated, trusted and believed in, cause, all you opine of them is the fact that they are beautiful and sexy, nothing more. A lot of women have proven otherwise so, there’s no point thinking that way. She was created beautiful, that’s who she is and it doesn’t stop her from being intelligent nor does it make her look stupid same way your masculinity doesn’t make you a beast.
Secondly, you have to change your opinion of how you think that, you as a man is simply better than her no matter how many “feministic” opinions you come across. Seriously, “feminism” may be a turn off to anyone but, you have to realize that it is an awareness of the truth. All humans are equal before God, we are all judged by the same criteria before Him therefore you must accept that no gender is better than the other cause, all we do is complement each other. When you have problems with accepting the fact that women are just as important as you are as a man, you will always have a tendency of exhibiting this violence against them.
Build Your Character: it’s not always about your opinion of her, its also about your “personality” if you have anger and ego issues, do all that you can to regulate them instead, of being proud of yourself and screaming “that’s who I am, accept me” this world has a lot to do with the interaction that exists within it, so we must find a better way of approaching people.
Now,  if you feel like your background has played a major role in setting you on the wrong path, all you gotta do is make a decision and stand by it, make a clear decision to not continue on that path and do all you can to achieve it. A word of hope for you, a lot of people have experienced things that could have been their death or failure warrant but, they chose to not let that kill them, their dreams nor the future they desire. It is your duty to rise above your past, do not let it determine your future.
What A Victim  Must Know!
You don’t have to endure any man’s beating. Once they lift their hands against you stopping is another journey on its own. Choose your battles correctly.
After all has been said, we gotta say this to avoid being idealistic and bias. It might be bitter and disgusting to your ears but the truth is, there are women who are “control freaks” their way is the only way there is, for instance the behavior of a delusional wife who insists on reading the text messages sent by a ghost side chick on her husband’s phone else, she stabs herself, crazy right? but it happens, or, a scenario in which she can’t pass an information unless she raises her voice and employ the use of distasteful name calling on her husband, those are definitely provoking behaviors. Look into your habit, your composure, your “attitude” cause it matters. If you cant take it don’t dish it out, ask yourself “if someone else were me, would I tolerate them?” Your answer determines if you should be more of you or less of you!
Again, this article would be bias if we didn’t speak to the women who are indeed full of provoking behaviors. Your husband is also human, he isn’t a robot so accord him some humane respect. Do not create an unhealthy environment with the venoms in your tongue, or by your unkind gestures, hence, you are becoming “abusive” then the situation becomes a gabbage in gabbage out kinda situation. And to any man who has a “control freak” as a wife, run for your life, before she coerces you into jail or an early grave. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
If we must really overcome this menace everyone must accord each other some respect while acknowledging the fact that we are all humans afterall. Good men and women build their homes while the foolish ones bring it down!

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Tope Alabi And Soji Alabi

Wow! We love them like this! They don’t need the introduction but just to fulfil all righteousness Tope Alabi is a great gospel singer who conveys her lyrics mostly in Yoruba dialect. And her husband Soji Alabi also happens to be her manager.

She has always being an advocator of sweet love, ain’t cut up for the “daddy wa, mummy wa” syndrome.

They’ve being married for more than sixteen years. An “ore ti o common.”

Her husband has always being involved in her musical career as long as he has in their marriage, a feat very much admirable, cause not a lot of celebrity couples can pull that off due to misunderstanding and dishonesty. Kudos to them for standing out! They’ve being through the scandals but here they are!

The couple are blessed with four beautiful kids.

We hope to celebrate them many more years to come.

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: Ponmile By Reminiscence!

It’s absolutely a pleasure to have recognized this dynamic musical prowess of traditional melody, inspiration and romance by Rapper Reminisce. In all honesty we would have failed as “cupid music lovers” not to let a song such as this grace this column whether consciously or not!

“Ponmile” which literally means “Respect Me” in the beautiful Yoruba dialect is sonically pleasing and it didn’t stop there it cedes wisdom that implies that respect and love are quite equivalent, if you say you love them you simply respect them, how? by giving faithfulness and honesty to your partner. The lyricist here understands what a true marriage should be like i.e never tinted with adultery. He would rather accept the fact that their love is over than to be cheated upon, he  attributes respect to being confronted with the truth rather than hypocrisy or lies by his partner.

This single is very much what a true “music” should be cause at its lyrical core it’s got realism, knowledge and comfort to sing about, qualities that are hard to find these days both lyrically and realistically.

The musical video is also not one to let slide by without an appraisal of its own especially in a time like this where the viral disease of domestic violence is very much wide spread.

We give it to Reminisce on this one!! We love you for this!

#Joke Of A Couple: Jim Iyke & Nadia Buhari

Kidding aside, there ain’t no better or true joke of a couple as these two they literally played the public into believing they were an item to be envied by the world and photographed by the paparazzi.

Jim iyke recently admitted to having a phony relationship with the Ghanian actress. When the news broke out that they were not together again it was like Jim was jinxed! We guess that’s one of the tricks that comes with the bad boy attitude!

There ain’t much to say about them cause it’s all a lie. However that doesn’t mean there ain’t no lesson to be learnt; don’t fake being in a relationship with someone when you are not, you never can tell, your actual interest may jump you over since you appear unavailable and taken!


In a relationship clarity is extremely important, an assumption can be dangerous… If a person is not giving you clear answers ask to understand them better. If they are replying “I love you” with “I care for you” learn to know why the reply isn’t mutual cause as long as the feeling ain’t mutual, their reply for “I love you” wouldn’t always be the same as yours. Honesty isn’t negotiable in a relationship. Know where you stand and do not deny it.


What is the best wedding experience you ever had?Some can’t forget how they caught the flower, the food, the dress, the exuberance and sometimes maybe a connection!You know what we mean!


If a person is not loving you the way you want provided you are doing the right thing then such a person is not the one for you and you don’t have to force it nor force them!


Marriage is the best environment to confirm if a person truly loves you! So as you propose to marry her and as you accept his proposal know that you are getting into the most appropriate platform to prove your love. Get into it to prove your love! – TKGOLD