#HotTopic: The Entitlement Mentality!

In a relationship setting both girls and guys demand some entitlement which in this context is exasperating to say the very least. Let’s talk about the provoking and unhealthy sense of entitlement this type of ladies and supposed gentlemen carry around.
When you are in a relationship with a woman who thinks you should bear all her financial burden including the hair and make up she puts on, the uber taxi she rides in, the satellite subscription she enjoys then, you should know you are in a relationship with a fair weather lady, cause, there’s nothing to guarantee her faithfulness to you nor her love for you, she’s just in a “pay my bills” relationship with you, not the real deal. Any relationship you think you have with her only exists in your head. A lot of men fall victim of these women cause they choose to live in denial. 
Wise up and say no to gold diggers, a relationship which has got nothing to do with building you, loving you, caring for you and your financial decisions as a man has truly nothing to offer you now nor your future. That’s a purposeless relationship, there’s no way a woman who hasn’t find her path in life would help you grow. Don’t let any opportunistic female drive you into debt just because she said yes to you! It’s not supposed to be so.
Aside being in a relationship with them, we do have ladies who are money grubbers and weird food consumers once you invite them out for a date. However, don’t be fooled to think these girls are only from the lower class. Nah! you can find them in all classes even the “prima donnas” who usually suffer from the delusion of grandeur. This stratum of girls don’t know when to order less on a date,  cause they are of the school of thought that no matter the debt they incur on that date it’s all on you, you must and should be fit to pay it. This doesn’t happen on dates alone it might be in the shopping mall or diamond store. What gives them up is their ability to spend your money and their entitlement to it. 
Of course, you should pay the date since you asked for it, but don’t let her run you dry. And you as a Lady or Prima Donna shouldn’t have a guy chide at you before you know when enough is enough…Yes he asked for a date, he asked to pay, or even asked for a relationship but certainly, he didn’t ask to go broke! Apply wisdom.
And if she doesn’t dear brothers, you have the RIGHT to say NO to her demands otherwise, you end up embarrassing yourself, or in worst cases go broke!
Isn’t planet earth indeed spherical  with girls who think you must spend lavishly on them whether or not you like it, now with the guys on the other polar as well who think they are scary smart and so they can eat their cake and have it. Anyways, we call this category of men leeches! On their selfish dream of getting more and sacrificing less they would ask that you as a lady, come on a date with them in their “house” and what’s more you are just going to play video games with this new guy,how exciting right!!!*rolls eyes* Asking a girl for a first date in your house is plainly rude, lazy and cheap, if I were your invitee, I wouldn’t dignify such a request with a response! Imagine a first date with someone of interest in your local coffee shop which we might rename your room. If you claim to be broke then ask for a date when you are financially stable enough to afford the right environment, or if you must, make a little effort to at least make it a decent date. Make her feel like she didn’t waste her time, make her feel special cause, the point of the date is about having a SPECIAL person unless of course you have a double intention which is to end up having sex on a first date, as we all know it doesn’t take too long before sex creeps in while having a “cup of coffee” in your little “coffee shop.” 
Ladies if a guy is not willing to make you feel special, treat you special and spend reasonably on you as he should never oblige him he isn’t serious and he isn’t worth it at all. Cause adhering to just a single date in his house may end you up in the maternity ward and that’s the point where the story takes a U turn for the both of you. If he takes you seriously he knows what he should do. Ain’t nothing wrong with leaving an healthy impression.
Only an unabashed fellow would take his special date to a local coffee shop which he calls his home!!!
What’s more, being in a relationship with such leeches isn’t worth while, cause their mentality is, if they ain’t marrying you or ain’t sure they will, they ain’t spending a dime on you either, for them it’s a financial risk they ain’t willing to go through. That’s why you are with them and they can’t offer you financial assistance meanwhile they have the extra cash to spare,  they give you a business loan and they feel the need to add an interest on it, really? is that a man whom you think feels something special for you? They have this list of things they would never get for their girlfriends so, when you complain, they say it’s the rule. Of course, we are against any woman making any man her meal ticket but for a male partner to be selfish and overly calculative about spending money on his girlfriend is a red signal to an enjoyable marriage. Let it be known that a relationship without investment cannot be appreciated, however we advice that you invest wisely!
There is no love that does not express itself through giving. These are parasitic people, people who want all and don’t wanna give back anything in return, people who wanna eat their cakes and have it back, it’s wrong when you prioritize your own needs over that of your partner, our relationships should be beneficial on both sides, be considerate and logical. Do what gentlemen and lady should do on their dates, do what a real man and woman would do in a relationship! If a relationship must be what it should be, it is a “mutual” effort of selflessness, giving, responsibility, faithfulness and trust. We must not deny ourselves and our partners quality love life because we are economical lovers to put it mildly!
This is all about entitlement anyways, so let’s dissect men who wanna enjoy wifely privileges but ain’t married to you. Once again ladies you don’t owe any man your body because you are in a relationship with them, men must respect the few ladies who are ready to go celibate, since it’s her body and her choice. Waiting is a great prove of love in case you don’t know. Don’t let any boyfriend subtly coerce you into doing anything just because his ex did it, you must understand it’s just manipulation to get you on the spot they want. For instance washing his dresses just because his ex did it, or giving him a blow job because he believes it’s your duty after all his ex did it. You are not expected to continue where his ex stopped, just be you and do you cause that’s where true love lies, if he doesn’t appreciate your uniqueness then you are not what he needs. We also have heard about mother in laws to be who expect a daughter in law to come clean her home for her, and if she doesn’t you see how the said future mother in law compares her to her son’s ex, or even become intolerant of her just because she refused to stoop so low. If that isn’t how you operate as his girlfriend, there’s no need to act that way, he isn’t doing you a favour because he asked to marry you. A lot of women have spent years sexing, cleaning, and washing and at the end they got used and dumped like an old sofa, more reasons why depression and suicidal thoughts set in after such breakups. What man would even do that to the woman he wants to marry? A man who wants to marry you and loves you too would  treasure you in such a way you are respected by both his family and friends.
The entitlement attitude is what you also demonstrate when you expect every lady you ask out to say yes to you. If you’re feeling too magnanimous to be turned down by a love interest you gotta fix your mentality right away. If you can’t stand the idea of being turned down, this is a wake up call to you. Everyone has the right to who they wanna be with and we must respect their choices. True love never forces itself on others. When you are rejected don’t tag it anything just let it be and roll on. There’s always a person for each of us!
That we are in a relationship with someone is not a getaway to being used and abused. It’s an opportunity to show how beautiful true love can be. Don’t let anyone regret having you in their hearts and lives! We hope this article corrects that entitlement mentality you proudly carry around.