#HotTopic: Once Bitten Is Twice Shy!

There are people who have been married twice and divorced twice, the number of marriage they’ve had has been equivalent to the number of divorces they’ve being through. It’s a study not a shaming act! What’s actually interesting is the fact that they keep hooking up with the ghost of their exes, so of course history keeps on happening to them. 
Once beaten they say twice shy but you ain’t shy yet even thrice? Now, how can you get shy on this “curse”? Here’s how!
Recognise Your Weakness

OK you think you’ve got a criteria, but do you know that your criteria has being your weakness so far? It’s safe to say that what you have is actually a weakness and not a criteria. 
For instance you get attracted to beautiful women only, you court them and then marry them, then it turns out all the beauty queens you ever married end up divorcing you or vice versa. On the other hand, you just broke up with a hunk then you opt for another hunk, your undoing might just be a “hunk” after all, the truth is your desperation for a beauty queen or a hunk will always be your marital downfall because, it blinds you to a lot of pitfall symptoms you should have concerned yourself with. 
Hence, what you’d first of all is to realise what attracts you to the same type of men or women who always seem to break your heart. (it shouldn’t be so hard to figure out). Your weakness is the common factor in all of your exes which could be anything superficial ranging from pulchritude, flashy lifestyle, money, sex, romance and what have you.
Know What You Don’t Want Anymore

After getting to discover that beauty or money for instance is what blinds you to a person’s true nature, you now come to realise what and who you don’t want anymore. 
You were blinded by something now that you have realised it, you should know what you were blinded to which led to several break ups and divorces that you’ve been through. Consciously remind yourself the habits, traits and characteristics you couldn’t tolerate from your exes, the misbehavior that made you gave up, cause that would help you to ignore anyone who comes around with such vibes. 
That way a chain would be disconnected and you will be a step closer to the relationship and marriage of your dream.
Get Some Maturity and Self Control

Maturity helps you to accept the fact that what isn’t good for you ain’t good for you therefore, you’re looking beyond thTwhile self control helps you to restrain yourself in the moments of temptations when you are confronted by your weakness(es). (you sure know the things that blinds you). 
Don’t just realise the truth of your situation, accept it and handle it with these attitude; maturity and self control, cause without them you can’t keep nor honour what you have chosen i.e what is good for you. If you haven’t gotten mature yet nor mastered the attitude of self control you would hurt the person you would go for. You must fix yourself before going into your next relationship.
Now, Get Open-minded

For a fact, a little “open mindedness” would help you out, don’t go for what you “usually” go for, make a change whether it’s the environment you usually choose from or the class, just look away for a change! look beyond what turns you on and GO for it. 
Be open to other choices, yes! you have a scale of preference but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the marriage or relationship you desire. 
When you are checking out a person of interest, it shouldn’t be superficial at all, it should be their character and attitude, learn to look at the bigger picture. Don’t get too specific and adamant. There is character beyond the skin color, there’s an attitude beyond the glamour, don’t go for what you see on the outside, go for what you wanna see on the inside. There are better choices elsewhere, it shouldn’t always be that you choose from a particular profession, etc. 
And no! don’t go for whom you are not attracted to either, but for you to break the curse you just gotta pay more attention to what is within this time around. Look at the bigger picture, Once beaten is twice shy.
We hope this helps out everyone who has been perpetually unlucky with their choices!

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Yea, she is your girlfriend however, is that enough reason to expect and demand wifely duties from her???That’s you crossing your boundary, man!
You call her your girlfriend but you expect wifely duties from her. Either sex or you end the relationship, either cooking or you break her heart, either cleaning or you threaten the relationship with a breakup. Acting that way only makes you a misogynist, manipulator and a very self centred dude! 
Hey wake up! she’s not your wife don’t expect her to act like one! Every boyfriend and girlfriend must work within the limit of their boundary not beyond!
Your “wife material test” has nothing to do with your stone age mentality, nor does it has anything to do with you enslaving her but, should have everything to do with her “character”. You have also failed the “husband material test” if you keep on being controlling. She ain’t yours yet so, don’t demand from her what a married couple should be gaining from each other!Life is in stages!
This entitlement mentality is sickening! A relationship should be purposeful and not parasitic. If you are lazy as a man, a girlfriend isn’t what you need, a change of your character is what you should work on, if you are dirty, a girlfriend isn’t the cure to that, you gotta level up your hygiene personally be you. 
Be clean, be hardworking with or without a girlfriend. Got it???

#PickYourCandyCelebrityCrush: Reekardo Banks & Koredo Bello!

Where are the Reekaddict and Bellovers???
Could the Easy jeje crooner be your candy crush cause of his dreadlocks or the butterfly crooner cause of his jerry curled hair???Reekardo confessed to be the boobs kinda guy as for Korede his guilty pleasure is on the low key we can’t say what he likes when it comes to the female physique if you wanna find out listen to his songs and see what he lays emphasis on or his interviews(you never can tell)

Is it Reekardo or Koredo???

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Comedian Ali Baba and Wife Mary!

Their love story is just like in the telenovelas, true love would always find it way back! It all started in 1992 when they first met, they took an hiatus for a long period of time during which Ali baba got married and divorced, then went back to marry who was already the mother of his child before the said break, Mary! Well Ali baba came back begging, Mary was like “you won’t have me such an easy prey” lol he persuaded her for three years after which they got married in 2006.

She is a very different woman from the rest of the females he had a relationship with, the comedian confessed, according to him he was mislead by stardom, having the desire to keep a glamorous woman due to his status quo rather than look at the bigger picture(some men are like that it takes them a while before they see clearly e.g 2baba just saying OK that’s more than a saying it’s a reality)

God gave him another chance with her and they signed, sealed, and delivered the contract. Mary became his and Ali baba became hers as well, that was how the journey of forever began, it’s been 11 years now. They renewed their marital vows on their 10th year wedding anniversary. They have five children, three daughters and a set of male twins.

Isn’t it lovely to know that not all comedians take their marriage as a joke. Thank God they are our couple of the week not a joke of a couple. Many more happy years we wish you couple!

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: Romeo & Juliet by Johnny Drille

This beautiful country love song is delivered by a delectable one of a kind Nigerian artiste Johnny Drille. Love sure is a beautiful thing with a melody such as this!

The song would dazzle you into a romantic mood, its lyrics are just perfect for the romantic couples just as much as the impeccable voice of the singer can send one to a romantic paradise. And for the guys with the dream of love It is a great song to win her over. The singer passionately asks to be her Romeo while she becomes her Juliet.

Love is indeed a beautiful thing and so also is this beautiful country song!

#JokeOfACouple: Iyanya & Yvonne Nelson

How come “amazing” people don’t make amazing relationships??dazzling right??  Yvonne Nelson and some bandwagon of  female celebs who broke up with a male celeb they are in a relationship with brought this to our concern, they had to conclude with the ironical punchline “he’s an amazing person, or a great individual” despite narrating how much of a cheat and a liar those men were. Amazing you say when they are no better than a Casanova. It’s high time y’all admit you dated a douchebag for real!

Anyways when you are hot like Yvonne Nelson and you just got into a relationship with a musician like Iyanya and his new hit single screams “all I want is your waist” you know you are in for a short thing.

Yvonne Nelson clearly stated that their seven to eight month relationship was built on lies, all thanks to singer Iyanya. She talked about how she shared photos of them together but the same couldn’t be said of her then partner cause he had too many females in Africa he couldn’t let go off. Iyanya sure paid for that misbehavior cause Ghanaians made sure he realised what a jewel he had abused.

Lessons Learnt: When you are open with your relationship and your partner isn’t then for sure there is a skeleton in their cupboard.


In a relationship don’t ever practice “my way is the only way there is” adjust, compromise positively and be happy!

For instance you are an introvert dating an extrovert, in order to be truly thoughtful and less selfish try to get outta your shell a bit so you wouldn’t have to bore your partner, as the extrovert try to cut down on your level of socialization. This conscious effort of making it work is what truly shows how important the relationship is to the both of you!

More over, only a fool living in their paradise would expect things to remain 100% their style, attitude and personality as compared to when they were alone.

What’s love without accommodation and tolerance??


End that type of relationship where your partner opts for actions such as malice and violence instead of the use of communication cause it does no one any good.


If you loved first then it is your duty to prove to your love interest that you are worth loving in a reciprocal manner “not less or more.”


Would it bother you if your partner makes another woman or man their “Woman Crush Wednesday” or “Man Crush Monday” respectively?