Three Ways To Avoid Being A Prey In A Relationship.

Anyone can be a prey in a relationship, whether a man or a woman. So, to avoid been preyed upon, see this, read this and let it sink.

Firstly, Do not raise their words above their actions. When a person, says I love you, I’d die for you, pay less attention to that compared to the things they do to you. Evaluate if there is any correlation between what they say and what they do.

If you paid more attention to their actions and less on their words, you won’t get confused, as a matter of fact, they wouldn’t be able to prey on you. All that matters is what they do not what they say cause ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. That is why some people convey how they feel about you (hate or love) through their actions.
In other words PRIORITIZE THEIR ACTIONS and not THEIR WORDS. It is then left to them, as a form of  responsibility to prioritize their OWN words cause that isn’t what you should be doing. Yours is to weigh their actions. It is when they hold their words in high esteem would they be able to respect it enough to do what they say. Remember TALK IS CHEAP.

Secondly, which is equally important, always REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET THAT LOVE DOES NOT PRIDE ITSELF IN WHAT DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT. Yes! Cause a lot of these predators are very manipulative, so when paying attention to their actions, remember that they are supposed to do what is right. Anything that seems otherwise you shouldn’t condone

Thirdly, any person in a relationship who gives a bunch of excuses rather than make things happen is someone deceitful. In a relationship, piles of excuses is a bad omen. Deception is bad, in the cause of deception, time is lost and investment is lost on the part of the victim. Therefore, when a person keeps bringing excuses up in your dealings with them, you should be skeptical and act fast.

So from LLWTKGOLD that’s the way to go!

#HotTopic: Friendship Turned Love, and Love Turned Sour!

Lol, though not funny cause it’s pretty serious and a common issue at that. However, a part of me can’t help but laugh.

How does one marry and eventually divorce one’s friend???

You hear this all the time, I mean I’ve been reading/hearing this “I’m married to my best friend”. Alas, a couple of years later, it’s already ending in a divorce.

Still, they call each other best friends. You’ll hear/read lines like “we are still the best of friends”. Wow!

This brings us to our topic of discussion; Why do friends end up divorcing each other after marriage??? What went wrong?

The number one factor is that, they saw and kept seeing each other as friends without actually treating each other anew: Don’t get me wrong, no one is asking that you go into a relationship with your archenemy or a rival, NAH! You can go into a relationship with your friend or a friend but always remember to REDEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP immediately romance is involved.

We ain’t asking you to let go of the friendship you share but rather, start seeing each other from a different perspective. I tell you what! the angle you see a friend is quite different from how you will see that same friend when you become lovers.

Things would change, perspective would change. Actions would have to change.

If you can’t do that you’d have a hard time including romance in your relationship, you wouldn’t know how to be faithful and committed in that regard. You wouldn’t know how to OFFER what comes with being in love and in a relationship.

Secondly, they go into the marriage thinking they know each other enough as friends: Nah! Don’t get it twisted, still on the perspective issue. Don’t say he/she is my friend therefore I know him/her enough to marry them today even if we had an impromptu wedding.

Believing that, is a start of failure. The way a friend would treat you would be quite different from the way a lover would treat you, the way you’ll see him as a friend would be different from how you’ll eventually see him as a lover.

You may know him/her as friend but do you know who they are as a lover and partner? Do you know?

A friend does not have to deal with the degree of insecurity a partner might put up with, they don’t have to be exposed to any sort of abuses that a romantic partner possibly is exposed to. Therefore, you must get to know this aspect of them before walking down the aisle, you must know WHO THEY ARE AS A LOVER.

It’s possible that you may be GREAT AS FRIENDS BUT NOT AS LOVERS. Thereby, making the worst mistakes if you forced it.

Make sure you guys treat and live each day as lovers don’t jump classes. MARRY A FRIEND BUT DON’T MARRY A FRIEND YOU NEVER KNEW AS A LOVER.


Ladies, stop looking at the investment you made, the time that has gone and the body you used while with him. Once, he has made it pretty clear that he is no more interested in you, STOP! Have a RETHINK, a new plan and start looking into the future(no one says it will be easy). Don’t stay there counting your losses, how you can’t start all over again.

If an evil genius says he doesn’t want you, move on and let an angel pick you up. It’s all for your own good anyways.

Sigh! A lot of ladies let the emotional, physical and financial investment they have made in a guy stop them from accepting the reality that it’s over.

You are hell bent on not moving on, thinking about how you’ve come a long way and have suffered with him. Baby girl, that can’t change anything. Life goes on, life isn’t fair sometimes but you can be fair to yourself, by picking your pieces up and re arranging it cause you know you deserve better. Learn what has to be learned and do not give up on your dreams.

Don’t force marriage with him, let it be. A wise man once said “no matter how far you have gone in the WRONG DIRECTION, it cannot take you to the RIGHT DESTINATION.”

Move on! Forget the former things and behold the new thing!


On today’s candy crush, we went all the way to America and U.K to pick our celebrity guests…huh huh!

It’s none other than the handsome, successful and very much talented gentlemen and actors Tyler Perry and Idris Alba.

We know a woman who fancies both of these men, but of course there’s always a favourite.

Who would you opt for?

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: No Forget By Adekunle Gold ft Simi.

First off, Adekunle Gold and Simi are really the perfect duet! Nobody does it better! Dazzle me if you have a different opinion… Lol

This is a love song that plays out the scenario of a typical way any ambitious mother who wants a good life for her daughter would think.

Here the lover man, deeply sings about the great need for him to acquire a better life all for the one he claims to love after all, Mother-in-law to be, prohibits a man who can hardly feed himself. It also shows the willingness of the lover girl to let her man succeed while they both keep in mind that there are “people” who really don’t mean well for their relationship whom they will come across while on this journey.

At the end, with prayers and hard work all financially struggling couple would make it through, there’s no doubt about that. So keep the faith, hope and love alive while you are at it.


#CoupleOfTheWeek: Mercy Johnson and Prince Odi Ikojie

There’s no other woman in Nollywood who can’t keep calm about her man than Mercy Johnson Okojie.

Pretty obvious, she gladly bares his name.

Just like yesterday, we had their wedding pictures all over social media, now it’s been six years of apparent marital bliss and success. It’s refreshing to see them both happy together and waxing strong. They seem to be keeping it real.

They have three beautiful kids in such a short while for reasons we can’t really pin point. Different strokes for different folks we guess.

We honestly wish the look alike couple, many more happy and fulfilling years together.

#JokeOfACouple: Big Brother Housemates 2018 “Cee C & Tobi”

Lol…talk about lying hearts and game players. These two certainly fall into these categories.

Once upon a time, Tobi was the obsessed hunky man “in love” (or what?) with Cee C, who on the other hand got the “key.”

Trouble started in paradise, when chains were broken and all of a sudden, the lop sided relationship and supposed love Tobi had for Cee C seemed to be dying down when he knew just how to stand on his feet again. What’s interesting, he got up from kneeling down as soon as he got under the sheet with Cee C.

Strange happenings don’t you think?

The bottom line now, is that the  “couple” seem not to trust nor care about each other even when they fake it.

The relationship died quite too soon given all the drama.

Morale of the story: This partners tell the story of the facade some women keep up in order to keep a man wanting and desiring, it also tells the game some men play just to get what they want. However, in the long run the truth always wins.


A relationship or marriage can be amended, it can be what it used to be as long as you are open to it, as long as you are open for a change.

If trust and love is lost, it can be gained back as long as both are willing to work for it and more importantly one is opened to receiving it again.