So, you are a working class lady then this guy pops out of the blues telling you all his future ambition however, he isn’t working, he is jobless ( that’s a fine how do you do) but that’s not the scary part, it’s the fact that he wants to marry you, yes! he proposed to you!

My lady, be smarter than that, don’t let his marriage proposal block your cognitive sense.

Clearly, he is seeking for a way to secure his own future. If he wants to marry you let him do the right thing which is to GET A JOB and then do the wedding.

If you go ahead to marry a jobless man, that’s you automatically signing up for frustration and anger. Do not set the cart before the horse otherwise, you’d pay dearly for it!

#HotTopic: Tongue Lashing!(Verbal Abuse)

In a relationship, there is the good, and the not so good!

However, when the bad seems to surpass the good, it simply means, that relationship ain’t good enough for you two!

Out of the worst scenarios you may come by is the tongue lashing!

There’s no other name to call it than tag it an abuse!

When a partner perpetually uses their tongue as a weapon of combat in an argument or misunderstanding when they are supposed to help you see the light, then, kindly stay away cause the damage they cause are mostly difficult to revoke. And the truth is they really don’t love you nor care!

Worst of the many effects is, mortifying your self esteem as the abuse is coming from someone you may trust and think should know you to the core. Sometimes, it’s not like they ain’t seeing your worth or anything but the truth is they can’t stand you nor their self therefore, they can’t appreciate your existence!

In a relationship where appreciation is dead, verbal abuse would come alive. In a relationship where tolerance is the bond, verbal abuse would always play out well. In a relationship where forgiveness is a luxury to come by, verbal abuse wouldn’t be so far away! In a relationship where character has depreciated, verbal abuse will surely appreciate!

Correction is the key. Communication is the key as well! And of course understanding! When you can see through the eyes of understanding you’ll be less judgemental. When you make good use of communication you will be less degrading and more open minded. 

Always keep this in mind; A soft answer turns away wrath! It births improvement and acceptance of correction! It allows for true communication. 

Always respond to your partner in a manner you would love them to respond to you or your mistakes, yes you can do it! Instead of saying “you are stupid” rather opt for “you should be more careful next time” i. e use correction as a tool for advancement or growth. It is more productive and effective! 

Check your relationship, are you two tolerating each other instead of loving yourselves? are you keeping records of wrong doing? Are you less appreciative of each another? Is any of you dealing with low self esteem and insecurity? Is your character flawed? These are the major causes of verbal abuse! So if they exist abuse will play out!

Stay away from toxic environment, you are what resides in your heart, once you allow their words into your heart, there is no happy life anymore. So don’t allow anyone tell you, that “you are nothing, you can’t be a great person, you are ugly, you’ll never do better!” And the likes.

I don’t know how people come to manage and put up with this behavior because they think they can’t breathe without their abuser! Of course, very soon you won’t breathe anymore with such toxicity, you’ll stop living instead, maybe not biologically!

Again, If you ever put up with this your self esteem is dead!

Don’t give anyone such power to determine how much value you place on yourself.

You should know what you want now and what you don’t!

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: Ojuju Calabar By Atela

Wow! wow! wow! We must confess this singer would do a great job wooing a lady!

We love this song cause it’s super melodious, and can bring one to a musical climax if paid attention to.

The singer describes the feeling of falling in love as a “miracle feeling.” And that, just explains it cause looking at love, it’s indescribable and looking at miracle, it’s unexplainable, so you see the correlation!

The singer really portrayed this unique melody as a real life encounter. Maybe an experience birthed this song after all, cause from our observation, empirical songs are mostly superb!

He says money doesn’t matter cause it’s a wonderful feeling to be in love. How many of you love the sound of that?…lol

The song has some calabar touch to it so it’s a love song in a traditional style. You won’t regret your decision to listen to this cupid song!

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Joel & Victoria Osteen

We love them for many, many reasons.

Joel Osteen, the ever smiling pastor thought of his wife, Victoria as the most beautiful woman he ever saw, just at first sight. Victoria emphasized that her husband got to realise she liked him directly through her and not by anyone. That is applaudable, as she basically kept it real.

How would you love it, if the location of your first date with your boyfriend becomes the location of your dream job or calling??? This couple’s first date location is where their Church, “Lakewood church” is located. A place where both partners speak to millions of people and where lives are saved.

The delectable Christian couple have shown that gratitude shouldn’t be undermined in a relationship and the place of unconditional love should neither be sidelined.

Quoting Victoria, “In order to have a great marriage, we had to make some decisions early on. We had to learn to adapt to one another. We had to be willing to change. Most importantly, we had to make the choice daily to build our home on unconditional love,”

Joel thinks his wife is a great partner and by the same token Victoria thinks of him as a great husband.

They’ve been married for nearly 30 good years. With two beautiful kids Jonathan and Alexandra, whom we perceive as the icing on their cakes.

#JokeOfACouple: Toyin Lawani & Lord Trigg

The kinda drama featuring this pair,  is what you get for dating a foetus!

Why would a grown woman play so much to the extent of having a baby by a teenager?

Typically, the baby mamas bring the drama, however, in this case the baby daddy is the king of drama himself.

Toyin Lawani and Lord Trigg obviously are a pair of misfit, even though they try to hide it, immaturity just can’t help them concede it!

Unprintable are the many disrespectful words, this self acclaimed lord has renamed his baby mama!

One of the reasons why her journey to earning some respect as a single mum will be a little backward is the fact that she’s tied to the lord who drops disses than he does CDs.

Morale of the story:
Ladies, pick the father of your child correctly, the shame that comes with doing otherwise not to mention the stress is unbearable!
If you gonna be like “I don’t give a damn what age he is,” just make sure you are ready to damn the consequences as well.
Age is nothing but a number ends with dating a foetus.
Also, lay your foundation rightly, if you want some peace! Use your head not your heart nor your eyes!


Turning yourself to a “yes sir” woman won’t make you INDISPENSABLE! Do what you know is right!

Stay true to your values!


How much knowledge you have as regards relationship and how much you are willing to utilize of that knowledge determines what experience you go through and what mistakes you make.

Wisdom is profitable to guide you. Get wise, get knowledgeable, it helps.

Your knowledge, your power!


Can a partner turn over a new leaf? I.e go from bad to good behavior?

Cause seriously, they got me thinking that a leopard never changes it’s spot after all!