Once you take interest in a repentant person who had an unflattering past and you choose to date them, kindly, put it at the back and front of your mind never to judge or treat the relationship based on their history.

Please, just before trying to date such a person make sure you are ready to accept them for who they are first, make sure you believe them when they say “I’m a changed person” and above all see and accept the changes in them. Otherwise, insecurity and distrust will kill the love you have for them and finally frustrate the relationship until it disappears into thin air.

Be sure enough that you are indeed ready to accept them for who they have become and treat them accordingly.

We say this because, some people can’t let go. If you can’t accept a person for who they are, kindly take a walk. Love loves originality.

#PickYourCandyCelebrityCrush: Miracle OR Tobi

OK, so for today we got you Miracle and Tobi of #bbn2018.

Who would you crush on or who are you crushing on already between the two friends?

You want the pilot who is confident as Hercules, and candid as a mirror or the photographer who is gentle as a dove, playful as a butterfly and patient as Job?

#HotTopic: Ghost Of A Past Lover!

Once or even twice in our lives, there was this person we dated and we were completely thrilled by their person. It may be their physique, romance, occupation and what have you that left a momentum on us. However, we can agree that we know they are not just good enough for us. Hence, the need for a separation, break up or divorce.
Ghost of past lover is a situation whereby, you begin to CHASE or LOOK OUT for all or most of the ATTRIBUTES possessed by a FORMER spouse, lover, or partner in the PRESENT lover.
It is a SUBCONSCIOUS OBSESSION on your Ex. Whereby, Exes measure up as the yardstick or criterion for a new date. Maybe, because you think you’d be missing out if it weren’t them.
The sad news is, you are going in cycles. So what do you expect? A replay of your HISTORY! Is your history that impressive? If not, then change direction. If you want a new result then change your strategy. Let your standard and values abide but not your past. Even if they were so great, it’s wrong to look out for your ex in a new person and lover.
When you say you are done with a relationship, be done and over with anything representing your past “DONE et DUSTED! Be ENTIRELY over them. Do not deceive yourself claiming you’ve moved on when everyone can obviously see this new choice of yours is a clone of the former. Do not watch out for their perfume, style, mannerism, profession, height, physique, or skill in your new lover. It’s a stupid waste of time and investment. Let the past remain in the past for your own good.
Take new people for who they are and see how far it goes. If you fail to do so, you’ll surely miss out on the beautiful things they’ll bring to you. You will not enjoy but struggle and endure, becoming resentful for no just reason. Do not chase shadows! It isn’t tangible.
Stop trying to prove to your ex or to yourself that you can get someone like him/her or someone better than them. Date anyone you are interested in GENUINELY. Not because they seem like your ex, or are better than them. Not for any other factor but, for the fact that you want to try love again. 
Breath in fresh air, get to know NEW people for who they are, not new people with old characteristics of a bad lover. There’s no way such a relationship detailing the things of the past will birth out a new story.
Check out the link, it might also help out!


#CupidSongOfTheWeek: Morenikeji by Konstant.

This song works magic on the mind and in the heart. Ask me how I know this. The first time we actually took this song to heart was of recent while it played on the radio and boom, we were stuck on it. Eventually, it landed on this beautiful segment. For EVERYONE WHO EVER LISTENED TO THIS SONG, THEY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT AT FIRST HEARING. Yours can’t be an exception unless you’re heartbroken.

You know, there are songs which make love such a beautiful thing, this is one of them.

This song was also used as a soundtrack in the Yoruba movie “Ayo mi”.

Wow! He said your love in my heart is as cold as the mud pot. You know how soothing the water in a mud pot can be, if you don’t know, try it out (thanks to my Grandma!). The great lyricist and singer promise to never deny his heartthrob, never to leave nor forget her no matter his journey in life. He promised to build his love for her on Truth!

It was done mostly in the indigenous language, Yoruba (that means it’s rich in epic romance). It’s a beautiful and heart melting love song.

Kindly forgive us, if we failed to describe and capture the beauty of this love song, remember, love cannot be described. Even the singer admits to this.

Basically, he found his soulmate! Morenikeji!

#CoupleOfTheWeek: SholaAllyson Obaniyi & Toyin Obaniyi.

The love between these lovebirds is akin to “ife bi eji owuro” (love like the morning dew). They met each other in the church choir like Jack met Kate in the Titanic Ship but on the contrary, their love boat never sunk, it sailed so well, it produced three lovely kids namely: Ayobami, Mopelola and Obafunmiwo.

They got married in the year 2003 (also released the evergreen love song Eji owuro in 2003, are you seeing the correlation?). So if you do your math well, they’ve been officially sailing their love ship together for the past 15 years. Uhhh! They deserve to be here!!!

Shola Obaniyi née Allyson, described her hubby, Toyin Obaniyi as “synonymous to sweetness”. She went on to say “You let me fly in my place for destiny! That one ehn? And you are mature and secured with it. You know I’ll always fly a return to you” 

Awwn! How sweet to be supported and celebrated by one’s true love, one who doesn’t poison the relationship with the venom of jealousy and ill talk.

This brings the recent quote of Hillary Clinton, (originally Barbara Bush’s ) to mind “At the end of the day, it won’t matter if you got a raise, it won’t matter if you wrote a great book if you are not also someone who values relationships,” Indeed, Shola Allyson Obaniyi the great music icon and her husband are bone of the same bone who values relationship.


To every couple who knows just how to cuddle on Instagram or any public space, howbeit, feel very disconnected in the privacy of their home, remains our distinguished guests on this column of #JokeOfACouple!


Being pressurized into marriage eventually leads to pressure in the marriage. In your own interest, do not succumb to any pressure, for it is misleading.

Do not pressurize anyone!