#TKGOLDExtra: Making Your Significant Other Feel Significant!

Straight to the points!

1. Include their input and thoughts in your decision makings! Rub mind with them.

2. If you spend 8hrs away from home, text or call in between!

3. Give for fun and give to help!

4. Do not make them confront side chicks and kicks.

5. When they say “good morning,” also reply with “how do you do?” That shows that you care. Trust me, it’s gonna hit the right emotion!

6. Spend time with them. Your time is absolutely important cause it is your life. Therefore, if you give him or her, it is because they matter. Let them feel that way because they are significant afterall.


#PickYourCelebrityCandyCrush: Simi vs Dj Cuppy

DJ cuppy may not have the Soprano like Simi, but she definitely knows how to align the beats.

Here are two talented young ladies with one having a dexterity in her voice while the other on her hands.

If Simi “tiff” your heart then she should be your celebrity crush. On the other hand, you may wanna step on some dollars like the Otedola DJ . The choice is largely yours!

#HotTopic: Independent Ladies!

It’s a beautiful thing to be an independent person and even more an independent lady!

However, like insects to honey, there are opportunists attracted to seductive hosts who would like to prey endlessly if given the chance.

So, great independent women, let’s talk!

Dear independent women, you’re not a prey for irresponsible men. Do not make yourself available to ALL sort of men, simply because you have the money that THEY DON’T. If you lay your standard by the river side, you’d be left with building a relationship where you’re a host to a parasite. You’d be left to build a relationship where it takes two, all by yourself. As in, all alone.

Sweet Independent ladies, beware of men who would masculinize you. Such are dangerous to your emotional and financial wellbeing. They’ll use your money and the money they should be spending on you on DEPENDENT LADIES instead. They’ll cheat with the girls who DEPEND ON THEM FINANCIALLY. This is a deliberate attempt as they believe they need to “man” over someone. Because with you, they feel they are not man ENOUGH. However, it isn’t your fault they feel the incapacity to dream, to work hard and be self made.

Of course, you should be careful with the man who pretends to be OK with your status however, tries to TAME you. Do not let them make you feel like it’s a waste to be female and be independent cause, it isn’t. Nothing is as sweetly empowering as being able to meet your own needs.

Wonderful Independent ladies, in the course of NOT MINDING the financial status of your partner, make sure he is CONTENTED but NOT COMPLACENT. Contented because he’s okay with his money, he doesn’t control or manipulate you for yours. He doesn’t make your money his right. And not complacent for the fact that, he ISN’T LAID BACK. He works, dreams and doesn’t RELY on your money.

Independent ladies, know for a fact, your money cannot and should not keep a man. So, be you and have a choice! You do deserve a man who loves you for you and NOT for the weight of your pocket.

You sure don’t need to act small, talk small, just so you keep him by humility. Humility is respect and NOT degradation. There are many fabulous men attracted to fabulous women which is why you should not hide yourself.

Independent queens, do not look down on anyone. Be down to earth, however, do not be stupid. Give the one who doesn’t oppress you a chance. Give the men who believe in their dreams a chance. Give the men who are self made, who care about you a chance.

And lastly, dear independent ladies you MAY find a “rich” independent man too who has the qualities you want but, do not be obsessed over the idea of finding one with a pocket as yours.

You are fabulous, Love will find you, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

TKGOLD Said So Because We Know So! Cheers!

#SongOfTheWeek: Once in a lifetime by Beyonce

If this is just another day you would spend waiting for the right one, then perhaps, you’re about to experience a Love that comes Once in a life time.

Once in a lifetime is a song by Beyonce, in the movie Cadillac Records. Aside Beyonce’s voice being awe inspiring, the lyrics were well crafted, giving the impression of the singer having fallen in love with a sublime individual (like Jay Z you would wanna believe).

You can only attest to the awesomeness of this song if you’ll just listen to it. If you’re a lover boy/gal, then this song is for you. Be ready to reap the benefit hahaha(like Falz said)

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Cobhams Asuquo and Ojuolape Veronica Olukanni

It’s been 7 good years together and still counting!

Cobhams, evidently in both career and love has never been one hindered by a disability!

Men are visual creatures, they say, but Cobhams is more of a deeper creature!

It definitely takes more than sight to win a lady over, this is the love tale the genius music producer has clearly proven to the world.

The heart is where the love lies and not the sight. The super star was able to pierce through the heart of Veronica with his charm, sweet character and dexterity.

Cobhams and Ojuolape knew each other from way back but became lovers after he gracefully and patiently chased Veronica.

The beautiful pair are blessed with one lovely son.

We wish them a fabulous married life. More of God’s blessings!


You must be a hella joke of a couple if the only time you love each other’s company is when you plan mischief against another couple, family, or people.

Trust me, this set of couple exist.

They instigate people’s breakup and misfortune. Mind you, that’s the only time you’ll find them seeing eye to eye on any issue. Harshtag #AntagonisticCouple


Love is not an empty vessel, but one that comes in virtues. That is why, it is kind, patient, selfless, humble and righteous.

If you show me your love, I should see your virtues! -TKGOLD


Do not let this slide!

If s/he’s not your helper, then s/he shouldn’t be your partner either!

We must have a helper in a partner!


Romance is highly tricky and most atime, a set up. Romance is just an image of a person but definitely not his/her character!

Shine your eyes, don’t be swayed away!