#TKGOLDExtra: The Right One!

When you find the right one, s/he serves a purpose of essence in your life. S/he speaks to your soul and you know it. They say ordinary things with extraordinary power that brings extraordinariness into your world.

They say let there be light and there is light! Only the right one!

#HotTopic: Care, Respect & Understanding

When you claim to love someone THREE things must be in place!

Care, Respect and Understanding.

You see, one of these three isn’t permitted to be missing, otherwise, your love cannot be true and may not work especially with someone who knows what real love should be!

Now, see why!

Respect: is there any real love without respect? How can you love and not reverence? How can you love and not act the way you should? If you didn’t know, now know this, true love is respectful. You can’t say you love someone and you try to manipulate, abuse or order them around! You can’t love someone and ignore them when they talk to you. That’s not respect and so isn’t love.

Care: caring for someone you love as a man is not and should not be chauvinism masked by chivalry. You shouldn’t care for her, do things for her because she’s a woman with an organ. Or because somebody said women should be pampered. That type of care isn’t only unreal but disrespectful. True care should come from real concern, respect and love. Care for her because she’s actually got a special place in your heart and in your eyes she deserves it.

For you to actually care for someone especially the woman you love, you must first respect her, otherwise, you’ll be the man who opens the door for her and scream at her, who cooks for her and command her around. That’s not care and that’s not respect either. It’s just chauvinism masked by chivalry.

You may ask yourself; would I still “care” for this woman I’ve claimed to love if she doesn’t have a vagina, or when she’s down with a flu?

Most women when seeking for advice be like; he cares for me so much, he spends on me, takes good care of my family (1st paragraph) then you read down to the 2nd paragraph and you get hit with “he hits me, insults me before everyone, doesn’t even support me”

Now, see, that is because you do not understand what chauvinism masked by chivalry really is and until you do, you’ll confuse care for that.

Understanding: When you love, you must understand. Otherwise, it’s no love at all. Understanding comes from a pure heart and a heart of good intent and most importantly, a heart willing to love.

Understanding a person you love comes from care and respect too. So, you see how all three are important and related?

To understand the one you love, you try to wear their shoe first, and you show empathy. If you do not, you’ll complain at the slightest “provocation,” accuse and condemn at every opportunity. Understanding is a core aspect of love otherwise you’ll flaw.

Have you learnt?

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

Been meaning to celebrate these perfect duo for the longest of time. The wait is over, guys!

“So, even though I live with him and I’m blessed to be married to him, I’m still in AWE of him????????.” Who said that? No one else, but the “No one” crooner, Alicia Keys.

This couple deserves some accolades for always being on the same page. One of those moments is when, you decide to go on a “no make up” challenge for as long as it takes and your partner sees absolutely nothing wrong in it. That’s the case of Alicia Keys and her boo.

They’ve been espoused to each other for 8 years with lovely kids.

They may have found love on the keyboards but it goes to stay forever in their hearts.

Swizz beats went on to describe their union as a blessing, further saying: “I look at my relationship with my wife as a union that’s just connected … spiritually.”

They are beautiful and happy, it shows!


If you are joking around with anyone in disguise of a real relationship, then you fall under this category.

So, we advice that you end it! Because you’re a big joke.

If you do not want to be deceived, do not deceive either! Very simple!

C ya later, on the real side of love! 😘

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: Omo Yi By Tjan

Love isn’t just an emotional state of mind. Most times, true love comes with an encompassing conviction. A conviction that you get sometimes at the onset of the relationship, other times in the cause of the relationship.

Omo yi by Tjan is a practical love song which centres on the conviction of a man in love just on sighting the most beautiful face ever. Love at first sight you’d say!

Most times, when a man expresses this type of conviction to a lady, she’ll normally display nonchalance or hold onto a fruitless relationship. However, the conviction does not come alone, it is usually accompanied with PATIENCE.

It’s with patience that the two will EVENTUALLY become one.

Tjan, wouldn’t take no for an answer or fall for the fronting in case there is. So, for that, he kept on singing “Omo yi, na me you go marry” till the music fades away.

Hey you boy, be like Tjan, don’t give up on your love interest, especially when she steps out of your dream, standing right within the lens of your eyes.

Fight for your “omo yi”. It’s worth it!


Some men have formed the habit of pressurizing women with marriage request.

They expect to JUMP the dating class because they are “serious” and have the GOAL of getting married in no time.

They ask you out today and want to marry you in the next 24hrs, that isn’t divine, it’s sheer deceit! Let them follow the rule.

Do you understand?