#HotTopic: I’d Say Friendship Before Relationship

Lately, I’ve been pretty much exposed to the need to walk the platform of friendship with an ADMIRER before ever saying a “Yes.”

I’m sure when you’re done reading this, you can’t deny just how helpful it would have been if you had set the horse before the cart.

Without further ado! Let’s see the importance of friendship I discovered to be necessary.

1.) Friendship is a foresight:

By experience, I could tell the regret I would have nursed by being with some of the guys who had shown interest in me and plainly talked about wanting a relationship.

But do you know that as we graced the grass of friendship barefooted, these guys in their falsetto voice really made me understand and see what I’d be getting myself into if I had obliged their request.

They DIDN’T willingly reveal this or ask me to study them. However, I DID and my inference of them was “poor”.

Through friendship, I realized that their feelings weren’t as profound as they confessed, I mean “oh, he can’t even be there even after professing his undying love”, he’s already acting bossy all because he takes interest in me”.

I wouldn’t get a foresight of a tyranny and would go ahead and say yes, I would not get a foresight of a sexual predator and say yes still.

In all honesty, how many of your friends would you willingly date now since you know them to an extent? Just how many?

Hence, time is such a valuable factor in a relationship and more reason it is the only one that’ll give a guarantee of what’s ahead.

And friendship is buying you that time.

A necessary time that reveals to us what an ADMIRER or an admired person is ALL ABOUT and WILL be ALL ABOUT.

Anyone can use this to their advantage whether they’re already in love or not.

So, save yourself the heartbreak because some things are better left inexperienced.

2. Through friendship you can win him or her over:

The truth is, if they like you, friendship would not stop them from courting you.

Just so you know, courting here, is all about bestowing affections on a love interest in order to gain their affection in return.

So, whoever feels too calculative or magnanimous to do this, isn’t really in love as they claim. And you don’t have to argue it with them.

Did I fail to mention that, friendship shows your level of oneness? How far you go in agreement?

It does make you see, if you share the same idiosyncrasies and beliefs.

Oneness sure is what makes things work cause two cannot walk together unless they agree. Neither can they achieve anything without it.

So, when next you want to save yourself an unnecessary heartbreak just turn over to friendship. And when next you want to woo them, friendship is just there for you. Even when you want to check your compatibility, friendship “issagoal.”

So, the importance of friendship is no facade at all, therefore, do not be in a haste. Patience is a virtue in this case!

We hope you use that tool to your advantage cause everyone can afford it.



Signs that you’re loving the wrong person.

1. When you feel like an average person. You’re just not enough when it comes to him/her. Then, of course you’re in love with the wrong one.

2. When you’re not happy or when you’re happy and it just can’t last more than a short period of time with him/her, then that’s a red flag.

3. You feel like your energy is running low: you just feel like the relationship is exhaustive, like you’re constantly working to get them to acknowledge you, or appreciate you. Sadly, it’s wrong!

4. You sit on the edge: red flag! For some reason you can’t express yourself to the utmost. You both clash like two titans, so, you’re constantly aware of what to say and what not.

5. You are starved of compliments and celebration even as little as on a WhatsApp status: oh you think this isn’t important? I so pity you! When you look good he doesn’t say it. When you achieve something tangible, s/he trivializes it.

If you’re with the right person, your glory will blossom and not diminish.

6. Lack of support: when your relationship lacks moral, spiritual and financial support then, I don’t think you should hold on any longer.

7. Abuse of any form you can think of, financial, physical, emotional. You should let go!

8. Lack of enthusiasm: you ain’t excited about your relationship and neither do you look forward to anything concerning it. Then, it’s time to move on.

9. You feel used: when they only take you serious when they need something from you, then you’re not what they really want. Perhaps, you’re an angel. Nothing more!

10. If you just can’t respect your partner, take their advice nor listen to them, then it’s time to get out.

11. All they do is mock your efforts in their lives. No appreciation. Meanwhile they are nothing without you.(yes you can say it) Then, try leaving for a change.

12. Righteousness, peace and joy isn’t just found in the Holyghost, if you can’t find these in your partner, oh! Just wave the red flag and take a walk.

#PickYourCelebrityCandyCrush: Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin

Hey! No one is pitching one against the other even though they both have something in common.(and you know what…*winks*)

Selena Gomez, the feisty dynamite with the “famously glowing complexion” has a bone to contend with tonight with the blonde hazel eyes model; Hailey Baldwin.

For Justin bieber, he’s made his choice on whom to crush on and who also gets the ring. However, it’s your turn now to choose between Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin.

When you behold these two, who finds favour in your eyes?

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin

Turia Pitt a survivor of bushfire.

The flames of a raging bushfire may have consumed her body but not her love life with Michael Hoskin.

Here is a tidbit of what Turia had to say about her love life and her love, Michael;

“At heart, my story is a love story. As much as it is a tale of triumph over adversity — a story of the girl who was burned but not broken — it’s a story of the boy and the girl whose love for each other couldn’t be dimmed. A love that no fire could tear apart.”

She went on; “When people ask me, ‘Did you ever think Michael would leave you?’ I tell them, I never thought it for a moment. Why? Because, he was there every day; he came back to me every morning without fail. And when someone is really committed like that, there’s no room for doubt.”

In an interview for CNN, Michael was asked: “Did you at any moment think about leaving her and hiring someone to take care of her and moving on with your life?”

His reply caught some flames: “I married her soul, her character, and she’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.”

Love remains beautiful not because of mundane things, but because love truly is beautiful.

The story of Turia and Micheal taught us that!

#JokeOfACouple: Nina & Miracle BBN2018

Karma pretty much played it’s role so elegantly in this love story. Talk about poetic justice being served chilled.

Or, how else can one explain been dumped, ignored or whatever you may term it, by the one you dumped your ex for? I’m sure you haven’t forgotten so quickly the “love” trio, Nina, Miracle et Collins.

So, Nina and miracle are officially “once upon a time” sweethearts.

This much we know is true; know where you stand with your partner.(Collins should have known in Nina’s life and Nina should have known in Miracle’s)

And when it does happen, just like Collins and Nina, move on!

And the punchline moral is; Be sure to be dumped by the one you cruelly dumped someone else for.

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: You’re Enough By Hillzy

I won’t say more than the really inspiring and empowering lyrics gushed in this song. Otherwise, I’ll be denting it cause, it’s just enough! 😂😂

Great job, Hillzy. Great job!

Pls, read the lyrics carefully, I mean so extremely;

He left you for a bad bitch
And now you think you average
He broke you but you still massage
Clearly he’s got leverage
I know you want some answers
Girl you need the closure to heal faster
You need redemption from him; girl he ain’t no pastor
You wanna go back to him girl that’s a disaster

You should know what you worth
You should know what you deserve
All these thirsty niggas wanna eat you like dessert;
You should know what you worth
You should know what you deserve
All these thirsty niggas wanna eat you like dessert

You are enough
Repeat after me
You are enough
Repeat after me
You are enough
Repeat after me

Don’t let them take away your smile
Don’t let them take away your shine
It’s a bad day not a bad life
Girl you’ll make a good wife
And you are enough
Don’t let them take away your smile
Don’t let them take away your shine
It’s a bad day not a bad life
Girl you’ll make a good wife
Coz you are enough

He say he want you back
But girl u know he bad
Girl ask him were was you
When I was going through
All this pain and suffering
Boy I am done with you
You make me sick boy ama shake youoff like a flue
Boy you got no clue
All the things you can’t undo
You say you wanna party with me I’m not in the mood
Go chase all the bad chicks with your crew

Coz I’ve had enough
I’m not what you need
And I am enough
I’m not what you need
Coz I’ve had enough
And I am enough
ohh yeaa
I am enough

You should know what you worth
You should know what you deserve
All these thirsty niggas wanna eat you like dessert;
You should know what you worth
You should know what you deserve
All these thirsty niggas wanna eat you like dessert

Don’t let them take away your shine
Don’t let them take away your smile
It’s a bad day not a bad life
Girl you’ll make a good wife
Coz you are enough.

Wow, how powerful!


Do not just talk about your goodness, love, and faithfulness, but rather PROVE IT ALL.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not accept nor trust mere words, do not build your world around it, verify all things, lest, you’ll be stunned.


Do not ASSUME the righteousness of a person, let them prove that to you FIRST. Assumption births a disappointing reality.

Now you know!


OMG! Another movie again? Sorry, it just happened unplanned. I must say!

So here’s the quote!

THEY ALL START OUT BEING HAPPY – Think like a man, act like a lady by the movie character, Cedric.

In other words, happiness at the initial stage of your relationship isn’t a clear signal of a happy ever after.

You just might wanna wait a little longer before concluding on that.