#HotTopic; Understanding the role of occupation in marriage.

I think understanding the responsibility that comes with being married to a person of a particular profession is also core to the success of your marriage as it’ll save you a lot of emotional stress.

Know this!

A person marrying or married to a celebrity should brace up their mind for certain things. Low self esteem, jealousy and envy shouldn’t be your habit. Don’t be the one who believes the chemistry between two actors on screen means sex.

A person married to a banker should also expect their spouse to walk in at eventide. That is, you must not be someone who thinks only the ungodly come in that late at night.

You can’t be married to a teacher (in Nigeria) who has no other means of earning and expect to build some magical mansion. Or demand bulks of money from your partner. It’s unrealistic!

You can’t be married to a female navy who works from morning to twilight and expect her to cook your meals at all times. You should understand.

A lot of people have failed in love because they neglected the responsibility that comes with certain occupations of their partner and likewise failed to understand what it means to walk in their shoes.

Make peace with the responsibility of your spouse’s occupation and only then will you enjoy the love you signed up for.

Understanding does it all. It breaks the chains of distrust and fear. And allows comfort and appreciation.

Support and understand your spouse’s career. You’re not just married to him/her, but also to their career.


Today, you’ve got the pleasure of crushing on whoever you so desire in the world.

It’s free!

No specifications whatsoever, so disregard the photo.

As for me, I choose to crush on my crush. Let’s guess his name, not Neymar though. He’s real. Lol!

#TKGOLDExtra: Divorce; a new day has come!

Do not fret when you see the drastic increase in divorce rate. Look at the good side instead.

The good side of divorce is, it is rewriting the context of marriage.

Increase in the rate of divorce is reshaping the ideals of marriage to a better and more productive one.

When three people out of five come out of their marriage due to abuse, it leaves the impression that no one is willing to be used and abused again.

Therefore, if you want marriage you have to buckle up in the aspect of your character and temperament.

There’s no room for the endurance of abuse in marriage anymore.

Everyone is now loving their self enough. Giving no room for abusers.

The more you love yourself and protect your own, the slimmer the chances of abuse and excuses for abuse.

Marriage is being redefined with the rate of divorce and it’s great. It’s better than breathing in and out the breath of abuse.

As the standard is being reset, the good side of people are awaken for a lasting marriage.

No one, I repeat, no one, got any dividends from being abused. Therefore, that circle should end.

Stop being a hypocrite, if you hate divorce then, hate abuse, shame the abuser, hate maltreatment, hate endurance speeches and every other abuse enabling yammer.

If you love and want marriage then love joy, love happiness, love enjoyment, love peace, love to see others happy.

Increase in the rate of divorce is akin to starting afresh. Correcting misconceptions about marriage. Redefining the meaning of marriage. Setting the pace for a new type of marriage which is not jeopardizing nor detrimental as it used to be.

Yes, she’s not willing to hold that hell together anymore, and that deserves a round of applause.

#CoupleOfTheWeek: Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance

Angela Bassett has been able to keep her marriage fit, in shape and young just as she did her banging body.

Give it to Courtney Vance for making a wife out of his crush who had termed him boring after a first date. Not every guy would successfully change that idea even with a second chance.

Angela and Courtney have been married for 21 years. Something so rare in Hollywood, down to Nigeria’s Nollywood(you don’t want to count the recently crashed marriages amongst the bright screen celebrities.) So, we give it to this duo.

Just in case you’re getting some love fever and are curious to know just how two celebrities were able to make it this far in love then, go get her self written love story; Friends; A love story.

We love you, Bassett n Courtney for many things but mostly for being such an inspiration of love.


Are you dating the wrong one?

Going after the cookie than the person?

Want to know more about their sexuality than you’d like to how who they are?

You’re obviously still joking. It’s time you took yourself seriously.

The relationship code says so. TKGOLD didn’t make the rule; we just point it out. 

#CupidSongOfTheWeek: What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber!

Now, someone’s confused but it ain’t, Justin this time.

JB wrote this song for bewildered fellows in relationship. You know that status “Complicated relationship.”

I suppose the lyrics of this song speaks profoundly to those in that category.

“First you’re up then you’re down and then between
Ohh I really wanna know.
What do you mean?”

However, when it gets to the sad stage where you break up today, make up tomorrow, and then, the circle continues the day after, you shouldn’t be so confused anymore, cause more than you may want to admit, it’s time you set the record straight and move on.


Do you deserve and should you expect to be spent on by your partner in love?

Specifically, someone you’re in a romantic relationship with!

Listen up!

Money is a value, just like love is a value, care is a value, faithfulness is a value.

That it is a material value does not make it less of a significant one.

Why? because, money can demonstrate kindness, faithfulness, love, care and what have you!

With that said, do not let anyone manipulate you with “s/he doesn’t owe you. You’re feeling entitled!”

That’s sophistry!

If your partner does not place the value of money on you, just like the value of faithfulness, care, respect, then, think twice.

Question why s/he is faithful, respectful and supposedly caring but can’t spend on you?

Do not be deceived.

Financial abuse is one of the most prevalent and worst forms of abuse in any relationship. Don’t fall a prey in the future because you were too ignorant to be realistic.

There’s no love without giving.

It’s not about how much they give you, it’s more about the genuineness and intention of what was given.


You’re “ugly” – You’re lovable and marriageable.

You’re challenged – You’re lovable and marriageable.

You’re a single mother of 1, 2, 5 – You’re lovable and marriageable.

You’re dull – You’re lovable and marriageable.

Your figure isn’t smashing – You’re lovable and marriageable.

You’re getting on in years – You’re lovable and marriageable

You’ve been rejected a couple of time – You’re lovable and marriageable.

You’ve been abused – You’re lovable and marriageable.

You’re independent, successful and strong – You’re lovable and marriageable.

Your melanin is popping – You’re lovable and marriageable.

You’re not perfect – You’re lovable and marriageable.

Hey, do not be deceived, in whatever circumstances you find yourself in or you came out from, YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN LOVABLE AND MARRIAGEABLE.