Do you deserve and should you expect to be spent on by your partner in love?

Specifically, someone you’re in a romantic relationship with!

Listen up!

Money is a value, just like love is a value, care is a value, faithfulness is a value.

That it is a material value does not make it less of a significant one.

Why? because, money can demonstrate kindness, faithfulness, love, care and what have you!

With that said, do not let anyone manipulate you with “s/he doesn’t owe you. You’re feeling entitled!”

That’s sophistry!

If your partner does not place the value of money on you, just like the value of faithfulness, care, respect, then, think twice.

Question why s/he is faithful, respectful and supposedly caring but can’t spend on you?

Do not be deceived.

Financial abuse is one of the most prevalent and worst forms of abuse in any relationship. Don’t fall a prey in the future because you were too ignorant to be realistic.

There’s no love without giving.

It’s not about how much they give you, it’s more about the genuineness and intention of what was given.