#TKGOLDExtra: Divorce; a new day has come!

Do not fret when you see the drastic increase in divorce rate. Look at the good side instead.

The good side of divorce is, it is rewriting the context of marriage.

Increase in the rate of divorce is reshaping the ideals of marriage to a better and more productive one.

When three people out of five come out of their marriage due to abuse, it leaves the impression that no one is willing to be used and abused again.

Therefore, if you want marriage you have to buckle up in the aspect of your character and temperament.

There’s no room for the endurance of abuse in marriage anymore.

Everyone is now loving their self enough. Giving no room for abusers.

The more you love yourself and protect your own, the slimmer the chances of abuse and excuses for abuse.

Marriage is being redefined with the rate of divorce and it’s great. It’s better than breathing in and out the breath of abuse.

As the standard is being reset, the good side of people are awaken for a lasting marriage.

No one, I repeat, no one, got any dividends from being abused. Therefore, that circle should end.

Stop being a hypocrite, if you hate divorce then, hate abuse, shame the abuser, hate maltreatment, hate endurance speeches and every other abuse enabling yammer.

If you love and want marriage then love joy, love happiness, love enjoyment, love peace, love to see others happy.

Increase in the rate of divorce is akin to starting afresh. Correcting misconceptions about marriage. Redefining the meaning of marriage. Setting the pace for a new type of marriage which is not jeopardizing nor detrimental as it used to be.

Yes, she’s not willing to hold that hell together anymore, and that deserves a round of applause.