The Pleasantness of a First Post.

Your guess is as good as ours; we can’t wait anymore. So, here we are.

LoveLife With TKGold is back especially because Love has to be LOVE. Just recently, we’ve been on quite a number of relationship platforms and what we have come to realise is that, decisions are what determines your love experience just like it is in our daily lives, they are what formulate our destiny in the long run. Hence, LLWTKG is back because someone somewhere has to make the right decisions so they don’t end up as the lot who serenade many relationship avenue with worries that bring pain to the heart of a reader.

If you dare to follow us like a romantically infatuated lovebird, it’s no lie if we say, you’ll enjoy the best love life there can be in a world where we seek Romeos Juliets, Jacks and Roses!

So, who else is following? Who else wants to be freed? Who wants to love with all their heart and enjoy the same in return? Who wants to make liberating decisions that ignites real sparkles of genuine love? Who wants to love and be loved in return?

I do hear your heart, blurting, “I.”


You just made the right decision, so follow us like you’re on an heavenly race. Simply add our website to your favorite. And subscribe to our email and download our PDFs when we drop them, and in return we promise you a love to last.

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