#CoupleOfTheWeek; Peter & Lola Okoye

Man like Peter, Wife like Lola!

Mr P did say everything that needed to be said on their 5th wedding anniversary to the hearing of all and sundry.

His words were like a sword piercing every fibre of our romantic side.

It’s best left to read, sweet readers.

However, you can take this nuggets home as culled from Peter’s write up to his dearest wife, Lola;

– Give your love your all.

– Defend the one you love with everything.

– Love is persevering, do not quit because of the naysayers.

– Blood is relative and loyalty is family.

– Appreciation is key.

Enjoy your day, fam and go love like you would love to be loved in return.

Do you love our couple of the week? Would you suggest any for us to celebrate? Say your mind in the comment box.