#HotTopic: 12 signs that you’re loving the wrong person and in the wrong relationship

In 2019, your relationship is one of the things you should get right and if that must happen, you must know if you’re in the wrong one or with the wrong person.

So what are the indicators?

There are 12 signs as put together here to indicate that your relationship is heading nowhere and of course, the wrong one.

You may want to sit back and relax and let these 11 signals be your guide towards finding a loving relationship.

Ready and Go!

1. When they make you feel like you’re not enough:

You keep wondering what you’re not doing right, what’s wrong with your physique, your reasoning – as in, they intentionally make you feel and look stupid.

At this point, I’d want to alight when it seems like I’m never enough when it comes to him.

This, of course, is a strong indicator of being in love with the wrong person.

All you should learn to do at this point is withdraw and detach.

2. When you’re not happy or when happiness never seem to last longer than a minute:

Do you anticipate sad moments in the middle of a happy moment with your partner because in your heart, you know they won’t let it last?

When happiness seems to be so short lived or far away around you two supposed loved birds, then love isn’t in the air, but resentment is.

You may want to ask why there’s always something to fight about and a finger to point at the other. Maybe because it’s not love hence, cannot cover all sins.

3. You feel like your energy is running low:

Do you just feel like your relationship is exhaustive? Like you’re constantly working so hard to earn their acknowledgement or appreciation? Constantly working so hard to be seen?

Sadly, it’s because you’re in with the wrong one!

A loving partner should never seek your perfection and neither should a loving partner not do their best to express their love.

Appreciation should never be denied.

4. You sit on the edge:

Red flag!

For some reason you can’t express yourself to the utmost. You both clash like two titans, so, you’re constantly aware of what to say and what not.

That’s too critical to be termed a loving relationship.

I’d want to back out.

5. You are starved of compliments and celebration even as little as on a WhatsApp status:

Oh, you think this isn’t important? Maybe because you don’t want to believe you’re missing out on something really important.

When you look good he doesn’t say it. When you achieve something tangible, s/he trivializes it. That heart sure isn’t for you. Go get another.

When you’re with the right person, your dimmest glory will shine cause you’re their star. (Sorry if I got a little bit romantic here..lol)

6. Lack of support:

A loving relationship never lacks support. Cause loyalty is the acme of love.

When your relationship lacks moral, spiritual and financial support then, I don’t think you should hold on any longer.

It just might be that you don’t really matter that much. Certainly so!

7. Abuse of any form:

Financial, physical, and emotional abuse are bad enough to make you call it quit.

You should let go!

8. Lack of enthusiasm:

If you ain’t excited about your relationship, and neither do you look forward to anything concerning it, maybe it’s because you have no vision around it, so, of course, things get quickly boring and confusing.

A relationship that lacks enthusiasm is dead on arrival.

9. Do you feel used?:

You’re the mother of sacrifices – you keep giving, yet you never get anything in return. You go the extra mile all the time whilst s/he never lifts a finger.

If they only take you seriously when they NEED something from you, then you’re not what they really WANT. Perhaps, you’re just an angel, (the one they’ll never appreciate for that matter.) Nothing more!

10. If you just can’t respect your partner, take their advice nor listen to them, then it’s time to let go.


when it’s you being disrespected and overlooked.

Either ways, it shows that you’re in love with the wrong person.

11. All they do is mock your efforts in their life:

When appreciation does not meet efforts, mockery is what you get!

Deep in your heart, you know you’re deserving of their acknowledgement and you can say, they are nothing without you, but even at that, they don’t show it through appreciation, and neither do they acknowledge it, then, best believe that you should take a new direction.

12. If your partner is indifferent about your feelings:

Lol…do you know this particular post used to be just 11 signs, however, now that there’s a new douchebag in town, we cannot fail to include the 12th sign. (God help us if there is more on the way.)

So, if your partner is someone who still demands and insists on sex even when your doctor advises against it, or, he/she is someone who doesn’t care about how their decisions, actions and utterances hurt your feelings, then, shake ’em off like a flu. Cause you deserve someone who cares just as much as you do.

We hope we have been able to guide you on what sort of relationship you should hold on to and what sort of person you should be in a relationship with.

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