#HotTopic: How to Woo the Lady of your Dream

Here’s how to woo the lady of your dream without being annoying or seen as a pest but a pet.

You kill your chances of being loved by the girl you care about if you don’t play the right card and wear the right attitude.

In case you’re one of the guys who have been turned down way too often or who don’t know how to woo, or who desire not to be rejected, then, these “nine hows” were made for you.

Read and learn!

So, what are we saying?;

1. Show her your feeling before you confess it:

this should be the case naturally unless you’re some calculative sleazy being…oh yeah!

Let your action precede your confession and not the other way round.

She should notice your carefulness towards her before you even say, “I love you or I want to date you.” That’s how to be authentic. And that’s how to woo the lady of your dream.

2. Confess your feelings towards her:

Now you can go ahead and confess your feeling. Expect her to be like, “I thought as much.” By this time, she’s ready for you; let’s hope in a positive way. Lol!


3. Don’t give the wrong impression:

This means, don’t act obviously jealous cause you have no right to be. If you act otherwise, you’ll turn off the lady of your dream. Pretty sure you don’t want that.

So, don’t stalk her; “where are you, what are you doing, who is with you?” are some of the hellish questions every female hates – it spurs irate instead of a smile.

Woo her correctly by adhering to this rule.

4. Don’t act like you’re her lover already:

Don’t demand explanations for everything like a lover would probably do, don’t ask for dates every now and then, don’t create boundaries by being authoritative over her. It sucks! She may be yours in your mind but definitely not in reality yet, so keep things civil, natural and platonic.

5. Show her what she’s missing:

Show her the kind of guy you are. Why you think you’re deserving. What you think would be good for her.

In other words, to woo the lady of your dreams, your selling point shouldn’t be downgraded and neither should it be all over the place.

Simply, let her think about you and smile.

6. Give her some space to breathe:

If you give her a breathing space, you’ll make her want you. We’re not saying be inconsistent. We’re saying, don’t get confrontational with your feelings, thereby making her feel uncomfortable, help her to relax whilst she’s with you. Cultivate the attitude of being a friend to her.

Assuring her of your friendship
THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS would help her see you as genuine rather than throwing the lover card every now and then.

So, don’t wear that unpalatable aura of “that guy who wouldn’t let me be because he’s asking me out.” Learn to leave your emotion out of every or most of your discussion with her.

7. Be charming:

Just be charming and sensible.

If you adhere to the rules above, you sure would make a charming wooer. If you play mature, taking away pitiful look, you’ll stand a good chance of winning the lady you can’t wait to marry.

8. Ask her if she can ever love you:

At a point, you just have to ask in order not to waste your precious time. So, go ahead and ask.

9. Now that you know the answer to that, do what you know is best for you…lol

What do you think, readers of this #HotTopic?