Telenovela Reviews By TKGOLD Coming Soon on LLWTKG!

New column alert! You see, if we don’t do this, then, perhaps, we’ve denied a passion so great. TKGOLD are such telenovela enthusiasts. But what’s weird is, sometimes, we never get to see the finale of these series for some strange reason.

Spare us Mexicans though, we honestly think Filipinos are underated. If you asked us, they’ve got better plot and are more profound.

The days of suspenseful Mexican telenovelas seem to be over, cause the ones coming our way has been nothing more than a puerile fantasy.

Mexican Telenovelas these days depend hugely on amorous scenes to keep viewers glued; quite lazy in our opinion.

But guess what, our first ever captivating telenovela was Mexican and up till now, we’d rate it 10/10. La Usurpadora! It’s so great that we still have its soundtrack.

So, our first review would be coming soon and it’ll be a Filipino.

If you think our opinion of Filipino and Mexican telenovelas is wrong, pls indulge us, spare us an interesting title and we’d look it up. For now, enjoy our unbiased review.