I Love You!

Understand this!

I love YOU!

YOU, represents your being and not a part of your being. Therefore, when a person comes to you saying, I love you, that means, they don’t love a specific part of who you are but all of who or what you are, like John Legend would sing.

Key word here isn’t just love but the YOU also – the fact that his/her feelings is all about YOU is what should matter most to you and him/her.

In as much as a person does not come to you saying, I love your sexiness, I love your brains, I love your status quo but, I love you then, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be loved in an average or incomplete manner, instead, it should be a love that encompasses who you are when you hear the latter confession.

For emphasis sake, when someone says I love YOU, what they mean is, they love your ways, your look, your outlook, your dreams, your visions, your character, what forms you up, what concerns you, and what you represent.

You, you, you is what matters and that’s enough to make them commit to you.

So, if he says your physique isn’t appealing to his sight, it’s not YOU he loves anymore but a part of you which probably is an advantage for him, that’s all.

If she says your pocket isn’t good enough for her, so she wants out, best believe, YOU are not enough and YOU are not loved the way you should be.

It will be true that he LOVES YOU if he wants nothing LESS or MORE. That’ll only be true if she doesn’t make you feel small because of your pocket size.

For instance, he wouldn’t ask you to not get a degree nor fulfill your dream, cause that’s less of what you stand for and want to represent, nor will he ask you to get big as Kim K cause, that’s more of Kim. She wouldn’t ask that you go rob a bank just to meet her demands.

Common, we run into this Botched show on E!, and there are women who seem to have serious physique issues but still have men drool over them, wanting them to feel happy and all, like there are also very supportive women. Those are wo/men who love YOU for YOU, so, it points to the fact that, loving YOU is possible no matter where you fall.

Anyone who wants more than you can give still has their spouse out there, certainly not you, such partner is an abyss that can never be filled by YOU.

So, pay attention to how s/he treats YOU when s/he says, I Love YOU.