How to Deal With Someone Who is Dating You in their Head.

I’ll handover the pen to my sis, cause she’s more grounded on this one.Over to you, sis. 😂OK, lol…I don’t think there’s a more exhausting human to deal with than a person who’s dating you in their mind. It sucks!And here is why;

1. You’re dragged into a situation you have no business in:

Someone who is dating you in their own mind or wildest dream has a way of dragging you into petty situations that’s not supposed to be in the first place. It’s just so messy.The subsequent points would prove that to you.

2. You “owe” them explanations and you don’t know why that is necessary.

Yes! You heard right! If they’re not asking you where you have been, where you’re going to be, they’re asking when you’re coming back from an event that is none of their business. When it gets to this you become completely stressed out conversing with them.It’s super annoying.

3. You correct them from this delusional state they’re in but no, they can’t get you out of their head.

No matter how much you try to set them back on track, your efforts will prove abortive. That’s the most tiring part of it. No matter how often you remind them that you don’t belong to them, they just won’t buy into that truth.

Which brings us to the hot topic; How to Deal with Someone who is Dating you in their head.

Here’s how!

1. Continue to act real with them.

That’s what you shouldn’t stop doing. Act according to the reality you know.

2. When they cross their boundary bring them back to it, when they demand for explanations that you obviously do not owe them, do not give it.

When they say, where have you been? Where did you go? Where are you going? When will you be back? Who is he? Who is she? Simply ignore those questions. It’s that simple.

3. When they want to make you do what an actual girl/boyfriend should do, simply pass.

I don’t owe you no chronological explanations nor conversations, boy…or night time calls and all that mushy mushy stuff.You don’t owe her rent either. Lol… To those girls who give you a list of what you should be paying for when you tell ’em, Just pass.

4. Now, when they get super annoying cut off communications with them.

Yes, it gets to this. When you can’t handle their obsession and delusion any longer, you should simply cut off communications with them. That way, you’re easing yourself of all the stress that comes with their delusion.Don’t you think this article is helpful? Comment your thoughts. We don’t mind.