As a Couple, here’s how to have the perfect wedding experience.

From the several weddings we’ve been to, we’ve learned that preparation is the key to a successful wedding ceremony. Certainly!

What separates one good wedding experience from another is its ORDERLINESS. If a wedding cannot give that, it becomes a bad memory.

So, here’s how to have the perfect wedding experience.

1. Couple should prioritise taking pictures with their immediate family.

You may not give a hoot on that day about wedding pictures, however, when the delirium goes off subsequently, you’d wish you had.

It’s so disappointing to see couples not prioritise taking pictures with their immediate family members. Perhaps because they’re taking pictures with other people, their selves or they just don’t care.

Part of the memories you should make, should be capturing such historic moment with your family for as long as the ceremony takes place. From day 1- day 2 take pictures.

2. Time

Never go behind schedule on your wedding day. It comes off as pathetic and disregarding. So, wake up early and get things done. Employ people who keep to time as well.

A couple shouldn’t be the last to show up on their own wedding.

It’s disgraceful to walk in when others are seated. Do all you have to do to appear on time.

3. Mood

A bride and groom should be in control of their emotions. Bride are mostly known to lose their cool, perhaps because of the strenuous task of planning.

So, to be in control of your feelings, learn to do away with the pressure. Do not let the idea of running late make you go bananas. Do what you have to do on time in order to keep your emotions in check.

And of course, be polite. Be polite to the people around you, your family and your friends. Else you ruin their chances of enjoying the day with you and by implication ruining the atmosphere.

4. Transportation

One of the things a couple must prepare well for is their mode of transportation. A couple shouldn’t be seen walking more than 10 feet away from their car or any mode of transportation to convey them back and forth. It isn’t honorable.

Don’t be that couple.

5. Save up for your wedding day.

Even if you have a big sponsor taking care of your wedding bills, still, do well to save up for it. It’s the least you should do.

It helps to avoid silly disappointments that could have been avoided if only you have saved up.

So, don’t be that couple who couldn’t make sure of providing or attending to an urgent necessity on their day.

Save up because you have to cater for your wedding needs.

Like we stated earlier, good preparation and maximization of your available funds will help give you the perfect wedding experience. Make sure to create a sense of orderliness on your day by following the aforementioned points.

What other points do you suggests?