Telenovela Review; La Dinastía

La Dinastia is a Colombian telenovela. A true one at that.

It isn’t one to be reviewed given the realness of its story.

TKGold used to think Kaleth Morales (lead actor) was the most annoying character of the telenovela cause he seemed a little extra. However, after learning how true the plot is, and afterwards comparing the lead character with the real character(God rest his soul), it is very fair to say that the lead character did an amazing job in emulating the real character. His passion and dedication were pretty obvious.

He was an exceptional actor, not an annoying one. Kudos, Jerónimo Cantillo!

These were the songs we loved to hear Kaleth sing;

Ella Es Mi Todo

Todo de Cabeza

Vivo En Limbo

We love; Sassa, Mapie’s boyfriend and the love betwixt those two, and we love Miguel and Carmelo…lol..and July was a beauty to behold. (Forgive my misspelling of their names if any).

Which character and songs do you also love?