About Us!

First of all, you should know that we are identical twin sisters good at what we do asides the obvious fact that, we are ardent fans of Telenovela series since the very good days of “La Ursurpadora.” You’ll get to read our reviews of these Telenovelas by the way.😘😘

Yay! Welcome to the world of TKGOLD where we spread the knowledge that bounds love through every word marbled on this blog.

Here’s the thing;

Experience hasn’t formed us, but the magnitude of our innate wisdom given to us by the good God has birthed every drop of our teaching. You must know that we keep evolving cause we never fail to learn.

It’s our mandate on LOVELIFE WITH TKGOLD to spell out the truth. For by so doing, our readers begin to live a more conscious life; they become more conscious of their emotions, reality, character and what have you. Inherently, nudging them to make the right decisions.

Spoken truth awakens the spirit to do the needful. And that we do without refrain in order to set you free. Cause if love has to be true, you have to be freed.

Another thing you should know, dear uncommon readers; TKGold are writers and soon to be certified geographers. Get to bother us with all of your relationship issues cause we like it like that! 😁😂

Drop your comments on every post and you’ll get to feel our love for you, individually. We’d love to hear from you right from this page. So, elicit us!

Without further writing and reading on your part; welcome to LoveLife With TKGold. Again!